How to Enables the Android Nougat Dark Mode?

By | July 30, 2018

Enable Android Nougat Dark Mode: Now a day’s most of the people are using smartphones, and they knew the difficulty of using the cell phones in poor lighting conditions. Then this type of lighting condition can get them in eye pain. Smartphone increases alertness of your brain and also reduce the chance of sleep.

Android Nougat Dark Mode is one of the popular application in the world. This application developed by Mike Evans. This app is for those users who are worried about lighting issues of their smartphones. This application provides a blue light filter to its users. This filter makes their device better to use it at night. The users can set it as automatically based on any time of the day. This is comfortable for your eyes. To protect yourself from these conditions this software may be helpful for you.

Steps to Enable the Android Nougat Dark Mode:

The users who upgraded to android nougat from the beta version can easily use the night mode. But the people who upgraded marshmallow would not get this new feature. Also, Google has not announced any update about this feature. So without having to root your smartphone, you will have an app for the use of night mode on your device. Some steps are given below to activate this app.

Step 1: Install or Download the Application of Android Nougat Dark Mode:

First of all, go to the play store. Then search for this application. In a store many other apps are available, but this app is one of the best apps. So download this app and complete the process of installation.


Step 2: Implement System UI Tuner:

If your app has been installed then run the application. You will get the message that you have to enable the system UI tuner. This is available in the setting menu of your device. For the implementation of system UI tuner, you have to follow the below procedure


  • Drag the shade of notification of your device and then hold the setting icon
  • Wait till receiving the message of congratulations.
  • Move on setting menu of your phone and open the system UI tuner.
  • Then read all text for the use of system UI tuner.


 Step 3: Use Application to Enable Night Mode:

Now come on the home screen of your device and open the application of Android Nougat Dark Mode. You will see a black screen with a button in the center of the application. You have to tap on this button then this app will enable the night mode and take you to the system UI tuner. Then you will get a screen where you can adjust the night mode according to your use.

It also provides the option where you can select manually and automatically switch to night mode. So when you enable an option, then you can use the night mode. Without getting affected from the eye pain, you can use your smartphone in dark or night time.