How to Enter Samsung Download Mode and Recovery Mode

Entering into the Samsung Download Mode or recovery mode is quite easy as compared to earlier times. So either you want to recover your Samsung by yourself or you are learning the flashing process of Samsung devices. This article would be beneficial for you. Here in this article, we will guide you about Samsung download mode and how to enter in that mode.

What are Samsung Download Mode and Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode of Samsung is a runtime environment which included on the complete separate partition from the main partition of Android Operating System for all Android devices. There are multiple things you can perform once you enter the recovery mode. For example, you can

  1. Factory reset the device.
  2. Delete the cache partition.
  3. Can apply software updates.

Moreover, if the Samsung device faces some serious problems like the virus, software damage, lagging then recovery mode can help you in that case to fix the problems.

Samsung download mode, is also called as Odin mode, this is the mode that have been seen more often in Samsung devices. Once you enter the Samsung download mode you can

  • Make the connection of your mobile device with PC.
  • Flash ROMs and Unikernal.

By using supporting software like Odin or any other software.

Guide to entering Samsung Recovery Mode

In order to enter the Samsung recovery mode, follow these steps.

  1. First of all, you need to power off your Samsung device.
  2. Now press & Hold “Volume up + Home + Power Button” at the same time. When the device starts rebooting release all of these buttons and waits for short time to enter the device into recovery mode.
  3. Here you can move between different options by using the volume up and down button. In order to select and enter in any option, you have to press the Power button.

Operations in Recovery Mode

Following are the operations in Samsung Recovery Mode user perform the following processes.

Reboot System Now This will exit from recovery mode and enter Samsung device to normal mode.
Apply Updates from ABD This mode is for developers they used to fix the bugs and issues.
Wipe Data/Factory reset This will clean or delete all your personal data. Simply format your phone and make it fresh and reset the setting as per default by the vendor.
Apply Update from External Storage This will allow updating the software from external storage of PC.
Wipe Cache Partition Cache is temporary storage in the phone it will wipe out the cache of phone.

Samsung Recovery Mode

Guide to entering Samsung Download Mode

Follow these steps in order to enter the Samsung Download Mode.

  1. First of all power of your Samsung device.
  2. Now press & Hold “Volume Down + Home + Power Button”, for some time, you will see a warning sign.
  3. Here on warning interface press down key to continue.
  4. Now you are successfully entered in Samsung Download Mode.

Samsung Download Mode

Updated: September 7, 2017 — 10:21 pm

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