Descarga la aplicación Bypass Samsung Pangu para anular el bloqueo FRP Samsung

Bypass Samsung Pangu Application used to bypass FRP Lock of Samsung mobile devices.

After the introduction of FRP Lock by combined efforts of Google and Samsung, many of the Samsung users are not familiar with FRP Lock. So, after hard resetting of the Samsung device the user must want to learn how to bypass Factory Reset Protection.

And here at ApplicationYak, we would like to introduce the Pangu FRP Bypass APK which let you unlock FRP Lock. If you have the Samsung Device and facing this issue all you need is to follow the simple steps we mentioned in order to Bypass FRP Lock screen.

No doubt Factory Reset Protection is one of the best security features to stay away from intruders and thieves. But what if the user himself couldn’t access the mobile device after hard reset?

In that particular case, you have to use the Bypass Samsung Pangu Application in order to access your mobile device even if you already forgot the password of your Google account.

Bypass Samsung Pangu

The Application Bypass Samsung Pangu is very easy to install and easily you can bypass Google FRP Lock Screen of your Samsung mobile devices with no loss of your personal data.

We will unveil some golden features of the Bypass Samsung Pangu application. Before moving ahead let’s have a look at the process and bypass Samsung FRP.

Features of Bypass Samsung Pangu Application

Bypass Samsung Pangu APK is very helpful and useful for the users of Samsung mobiles. What if you were a Samsung user did the Factory reset of your mobile device and forget your FRP Lock password? Then this could be very critical and crucial situation for you. If you will not be successful to remember your password and could not unlock your device you will not be able to make some important calls and messages.

Being a businessman you could bear some loss in this scenario. But, now you have no need to be worried about this problem the solution is very simple and adaptive. All you have to do is to follow some important steps but moving ahead here are some important features of Bypass Samsung Pangu Application.

  • With the help of Samsung FRP Tool, you will be able to get rid of “Google Account FRP Lock” of your any Samsung Devices.
  • With the Help of Samsung FRP Bypass Tool and Bypass Samsung Pangu, you will be able to unlock Samsung devices.
  • Bypass Pangu APK is totally free to use and download.
  • The application is extremely user-friendly you can easily operate this application.
  • As its name suggests that the application is only for Samsung devices but actually its work for other mobile brands having android OS.

Complete Installation Guide Bypass Samsung Pangu

Installing Bypass Samsung Pangu is really very easy and simple, you just have to follow the following steps in order to get your work done. It won’t take much of your precious time.

  1. First of all, you have to download and install the RealTerm Software. The purpose of this software is to make a call.
  2. After that use the call canceling button and open the internet browser in order to download the Samsung Pangu application or Tool.
  3. After downloading the application you have to launch it and enter the Google account in the browser and restart your mobile devices.
  4. After restarting you would be able to use the Bypass Pangu Application in order to get rid or Bypass Google Authentication at the time of hard resetting.

By following the above mentioned 4 steps you would be able to bypass FRP using Pangu Application. Pangu is undoubtedly an amazing FRP bypass Application.

So, enjoy best featuring application to complete the task of bypass FRP or Google Authentication.

Download Bypass Samsung Pangu Application & Final thoughts

Here is the complete working link of Bypass Samsung Pangu Application. Click on the download link given below and start downloading.


Enjoy complete and Free Bypass Samsung Pangu Application to get rid of Protección de restablecimiento de fábrica.

The above-mentioned method is 100% working and tested by the authorities of

It’s safe and secure to use Pangu Application for Bypass. Enjoy Free Omitir FRP Tricks and Tips with Stay tuned with us for more Tips & Tricks.

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