How to Fix IOS iPhone Message App Crashing

By | December 31, 2016

How to Fix IOS iPhone Message App Crashing

How to Fix IOS iPhone Message App Crashing

In past months, there have been many bugs discovered for iOS that could brick your iPhone. e.g If you remember that Date bug that crashed your iPhone and then you would have to open your iPhone and then the phone would start functioning again. Now, another bug has been discovered for iOS 9 to iOS 10.2 that crashes the Messages app on your iPhone.

Bricking the iPhone requires sending someone a malicious vcf file through iMessage and as soon as the receiver opens that file, it will disable the Messages app on their iPhone and it will stop working. There is also a solution for this bug. It will require opening the following website on the iPhone which is affected and it will open the Messages application and then it will be fixed automatically.

This file is also effective on some Android devices and it even crashes the Contacts app in Windows 10 devices. So, it looks like that the malicious file takes advantage of operating systems. This bug is now viral on social media and soon Apple will be fixing it in next update.

If you want to try this prank then watch the video below as it has all the information about this bug.

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