Top Best Free Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable Latest Version 2021

By | April 7, 2021

Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable

Software to make Pen Drive Bootable – This is the era of technology and day by day the technology is getting improved.

As technology is advancing the computing devices are becoming more compact. software to make pen drive bootable That’s why nowadays the laptops and systems don’t have the DVD writers in them. In order to install the Operating system, you need to make the USB bootable which loads the operating systems at the time of installation. In today’s market, there are a lot of bootable tools are available which are ready to create bootable USB drives from the ISO files.


With the help of tools, you can create a single Operating System USB drive as well as the multi Operating System USB Driver. These bootable drives are really easy to carry with you at any place. Very easily fit and adjust in your pocket.

Not only easy to carry but it also has good writing speeds. And today we are going to unveil the Top Best Free Software to Make Pen Drive Bootable. We have made it easy for you to select the best one among the top one. So brace yourself and choose the best Free Software to make Pen drive Bootable.


Top Best Free Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable


Rufus is one of the top-rated and best Software to make pen drive bootable. Undoubtedly it is the lightest software available in the market to do your job of making USB Bootable. The Rufus also has a portable version which means you can get benefited with the services of RUFUS without installing it. Once the USB get connected to the PC, the software offers to create the Bootable drive using ISO and DD images of operating systems.

Key Features Of Rufus Software

  • One of the fasted software to make your USB bootable.
  • With the portable version, no installation is required.
  • It has multiple support for the file systems. These file systems include FAT, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, and ExFAT.
  • Capable to create the bootable drive for all the windows OS and Linux OS.
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface.


This software is holding the second position of the podium. If you want to run this software you need to install it. The process of installation is very easy and once the installation is done it will create a quick launch shortcut on the desktop. The best thing about this tool is that it keeps on updating itself regularly.

Key Features of RMPrepUSB Bootable Software

  • The user interface is quite complex and cluttered.
  • With this software, you can create multiple partitions of the Bootable USB Drive.
  • Capable to create both Windows and Linux bootable drives.
  • Read and Write Speed Test of the USB drive
  • Supports four file systems that include FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and exFAT
  • Option to create an ISO file from Bootable Drive
  • Recommended for Advanced users.

Universal USB Installer

The Universal USB Installer is officially offered by the but it is highly recommended to make both Linux and Windows Operating System ISO Images bootable using USB disks. The process of making bootable with this software to make pen drive bootable is comprised of 3 general steps.

  1. ISO Images of Linux or Windows.
  2. ISO file of the Operating system.
  3. Selection of the pen drive.

Key Features Of Universal USB Installer Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable

  • Supports 2 major file systems
    • FAT32 file systems.
    • NTFS file systems.
  • Source files include
    • ISO Files
    • ZIP Files
    • DD type Files
  • Easy to install.
  • User-friendly interface which makes it easy to use.
  • Option to create Anti-Virus rescue disks
  • The tool is ready to use and totally free because of its open-source nature.
  • Regular updates


WinToBootic is one of the best software to make the Pen Drive Bootable with a portable version. A portable version means it doesn’t require any kind of installation. But for the proper functionality and working of it .Net Framework is a pre-requisite. This tool doesn’t support the Linux OS that’s why you can only create the Windows bootable USB drive with the help of this tool. This software make pen drive bootable

 Key Features Of WinToBootic Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable

  • No need for installation due to its portable nature.
  • Fast and speedy conversion
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, Vista, 2008, and other operating systems.
  • Source file types include ISO, DVD, and Folder
  • Can create both removable (USB) as well as a fixed bootable drives.
  • Can drag and drop the source files on the interface.
  • Simple and easy-to-use User Interface.


YUMI is holding the 5th position on our preference list but sometimes it amazes us with its performance which lets us rethinking about our ranking. The YUMI is the Universal Multi-Boot Installer which also offered by the But this tool not only supports Linux, you can also make the Bootable Windows Operating system. The tool is free to the user due to its open-source nature.

Key Features Of WinToBootic Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable

  • Quick and easy to install.
  • You can download the ISO file online.
  • A large collection of predefined OS, Anti-virus, and other diagnostic tools.
  • Option to view and un-install a particular OS from the bootable drive
  • Supports 2 file system.
    •  NTFS File Systems.
    • FAT32 file systems.
  • Supports
    •  32-bit operating systems.
    • 64-bit operating systems.
  • Can make an Android Bootable disk

Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi)

Linux Live USB Creator with the short form LiLi. The software is free to use and open-source in nature. Its name clearly depicting that it is only used for Linux Bootable Drive. The best feature of this tool is that it prompts the user either the ISO file is corrupted or cleaned?

Key Features Of Linux Live USB Creator (LiLi)

  • Once the process is completed no need to reboot.
  • Can select from a large number of Linux distros.
  • Attractive & User-friendly interface.
  • The persistence feature allows you to save and install your own software.
  • Source files include
    • ISO File
    • ZIP File
    • IMG File
  • Support Multilingually capable of Translation to thirty-two different languages
  • Option to download source file online
  • Software tool cab installed on all versions of windows.

WinSetup From USB

This software WinSetup from USB is basically designed and developed to make the Windows XP Operating system a bootable drive. But later on, the software was updated to support other operating systems including Linux. Now the current and updated version of WinSetup from USB Supports all the Operating Systems.

Key Features Of WinSetup From USB

  • No need to install due to its cross-platform compatibility.
  • Can create both
    • 32-bit versions of windows
    • 64-bit versions of windows
  • Automatically formats and creates partitions in the disk
  • Can create a bootable disk along with an antivirus rescue disk on a single USB drive
  • Being an open-source tool, it is updated on regular basis by community members.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.


UNetBootin is one of the best pen drive bootable making drivers. The software consists of pre-defined distribution and system utilities which are quite similar to one of the top-rated software Universal USB installer. But the software is quite light to the Universal USB Installer. If you want to make Windows bootable, Linux Bootable or Mac Bootable pen drive don’t hesitate to try this software.

Key Features of UNetBootin Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable

  • The option of selecting a distribution from their database (online download) and upload the ISO file from the local
  • Creation of only Linux and related distributions.
  • No need for the installation of software
  • Easy and simple to understand Interface.
  • Option to create a bootable fixed hard disk and removable USB disk


XBoot is one of the top-rated USB Bootable making software which supports a multi-OS bootable drive. You can use it to create a multi-boot ISO file. The application is easy to use and quite lightweight. It also doesn’t require any installation. Till now the software is available only to run on Windows Operating System.

Key Features of XBoot software to make Pen drive Bootable

  • Drag and Drop facility for uploading ISO files
  • Installation not required
  • Simple and easy Interface
  • Option to edit the bootloader
  • Supports a number of Linux distros
  • Free tool

The Conclusion Of Best Software To Make Pen Drive Bootable

There are numbers of software available in the market which are ready to make your USB Bootable with any Operating System ISO File. But selecting the best one and top recommend is really matters a lot. So here is the list of the Top Best Free Software to make Pen Drive Bootable for you. Select the best and featured one.

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