How to Bypass Google Account on HTC Desire

By | November 15, 2016

How to Bypass Google Account on HTC

In the past days, this is very easy to bypassed Google account by just factory resetting the device. Now, Google introduced the new Google Account Verification or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) In this if a person doesn’t know Google account credentials then he is not able to Factory reset the mobile phone. This can also profoundly impact those users who buy the Mobile Device from a third party and cannot get in touch with the person that sold them the phone. And Not know the Solution how to Bypass Google Account here we give the full solution with video.

How to bypass google account on HTC Desire 626s Mobile Phone or other. in this article We give you the complete method how to  Bypass Google id HTC Desire 626s or other HTC Models.

How to Bypass Google Account on HTC Desire

How to Bypass Google Account on HTC Desire Solution:

After the phone has finished its factory reset, it will reboot, and you will be prompted to choose the desired display language. Choose the correct language and follow the next steps:

  1. Connect your phone with Available Wifi Network.
  2. Next screen will appear and ask you for the Google Account.
  3. Now, Tap the text field in which the account should be inserted until the Keyboard comes up.
  4. Now Tap and hold the “@” character until a Settings menu pops up on your screen.
  5. Now, Select the Google Keyboard Settings.
  6. Now, Tap on the 3 dots in the top part of the screen or More Depending on what Android OS you are running.
  7. Select the Help & Feedback item and choose any item in the list that will follow.
  8. Long press to select any text on this page and click on Websearch in the upper right corner.
  9. A search field will be shown then delete the text inside the search field.
  10. Type Settings in the search field.
  11. Tap “About Phone” and tap seven times on the Build Number to enable Developer Options.
  12. Now, Next step is Return to the previous menu & open the Developer Option that appeared.
  13. Now, Allow OEM Unlocking and tap Back two times.
  14. Restart your mobile device.
  15. Now again, Connect it to Wifi.
  16. Notice how you won’t be prompted to log in the previous Google Account and instead, the phone will ask you to ADD a new Google Account.

If you face any trouble performing these steps mentioned above here is a very helpful video that will guide you through the process:

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