How To Google Adsense Approval Free

By | September 15, 2015

How To Google Adsense Approval Free

How To Google Adsense Approval Free

We are aware that you people are desperately looking forward to read this post because Google has now become extremely very strict in giving Adsense Approval in Pakistan.

 If you talk about professional bloggers, they do everything fairly and follow all the terms and conditions of Google Adsense properly. Now, the question here is that, if everything is being done in a proper manner then for what reason, Google doesn’t approve Adsense accounts of these people very easily and why does it ban their accounts after approval in Pakistan and other third world countries?

Well, to be frank! the reason is pretty simple! There are so many other people in Pakistan that are also misusing Google Adsense account in Pakistan. What they do is that they make their Google Adsense account with the help of 3rd party sites & after getting an approval, they sell it to bloggers that are not professional. When these non-professional bloggers get their Google Adsense accounts, they use it on blogs that are not according to the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.

 If you are gonna check Classified ads section of some of our newspapers, you will find many ads related to Google Adsense. All these bunch of spammers trap innocent newbies by telling them that they can earn as much as 25 to 30 thousand rupees monthly by using their method.

There are so many groups in Pakistan that are making huge amount of money by misleading and telling people that Google Adsense is the easiest method to make money online.

Now, let me tell you how they trap people:

Almost each and every fake trainer makes a blog by using for free & redirects it towards a or domain. Once, they make these blogs, they fill it out with the help of free articles available on the net like on, etc. Now, its obvious that these kind of blogs won’t get Google Adsense approval because of copied content, hence they go for 3rd party websites such as Docstoc & FLixya to get Google Adsense accounts. In the end, they insert those ads on their spammy blogs & advertize it to the innocent people & charge real good money for these Adsense Accounts.

Another thing that I would like to tell you before disclosing our secret trick to get Adsense Approval in Pakistan is that after making these kind of blogs, special groups are being formed in various cities by giving them different tasks such as regularly visiting their blogs and cross clicking on the Google Ads of each others to make money.