How to Increase the RAM of your Android Smartphone

By | December 30, 2016

How to Increase RAM of your Android Smartphones

How to Increase the RAM of your Android Smartphone

How to increase RAM on Phone is the main topic to answer today. There are many kinds of Android devices which differ with each other by specifications. Some have good RAM, and some have a decent RAM which is just good enough to operate the device.

Some device comes with a good RAM, and some have a decent RAM. Huge apps and games which you use or play do require a good amount of RAM. So id order to use them you must upgrade phone RAM.

How to increase Mobile RAM is the main query for many people so they can use apps and games on their Android device easily. Phone RAM upgrade is the only possible solution for them.

How to increase RAM on Phone:


RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it is the secondary storage medium of your Android device. People who suffer from a low performance on their Android device may search for how to increase phone ram.

Now they do not have to worry a lot. We will post some very easy steps and solution which you should follow to increase your phone RAM. Rather than buying a new device you can upgrade phone RAM easily.

Easy Guide for Phone RAM Upgrade:

Android devices are coming with some high technology features and some latest OS. With the advancement in technology latest games and apps runs only in latest device.

So rather than going for a new device just follow this guide and upgrade phone RAM quickly. To upgrade your phone RAM we need to download ram expander.

Download RAM expander we need to upgrade phone RAM:


For this purpose, we will download Roehsoft RAM expander. Download Roehsoft RAM expander from here which we will need for this purpose. Roehsoft RAM expander will answer How to increase RAM on Phone.

Download Roehsoft RAM expander which is a great application. This application lets you use your SD card or Memory card as an extended memory card. It creates a partition which will be used as a part of your RAM.

What you need to know before:

  • Read the instruction in the application manual to check the compatibility.
  • Do not every trust blindly on the internet.
  • Always double check the source and read peoples comments on the app page.
  • Do follow the compatibility option of the app.

Steps to Upgrade phone RAM:


Now the actual part comes to answer How to increase RAM on Phone.

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Download Roehsoft RAM expander.
  • Open the application you just downloaded.
  • Make sure you have space on your SD card.
  • Now with just one click you can increase your RAM.
  • If you are not sure how to use the app, just read the app description.

After installing and running the downloaded app, you can enjoy your more RAM space. Now play games and apps you always wanted to play. Hopefully, we answered how to increase RAM on the phone. If yes then do share it with other people.

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