Penguin Isle Apk Download Updated Version 2021

By | April 27, 2021

In this article, We will provide you the APK link of the Penguin Isle game, With the help of this APK link you can easily download and install this game on your mobile phone and play it for free.

Penguin Isle is an amazing game, When you open the game you will on a small island with two penguins. At the start of the game, you will only get two penguins after you will earn some points you will get more penguins for fishing.

This game is an amazing game and available for everybody to play, to download this game just click on the download button and install this game on your mobile phone and play this game for free.


You can use the points you earn to upgrade certain parts of the island and buy supplies for the animal community. Then you earn points by taking photos of animals, and your photos can be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or downloaded.

In the ocean, you may find treasure chests, timers, and gift boxes, which can help summon your treasure ship.

The buttons in the bottom menu turn red when you can upgrade them such as the fishing spot, hot spring, Gravelly field, seagull nest, Antarctic base, amusement park, sculpture park, igloo camp, deer ranch, lighthouse, whale’s nest, Danger shore, documentary site, bakery, rocket launch field, theater, and more.

The game begins with a tiny island and two penguins, one of which fishes. This is the most basic task, but it will help you earn coins little by little. In addition to buying new habitats for the penguins, you can also earn coins by fishing.

In addition to the habitats (which help you earn money), you can also raise penguins to earn hearts. You can earn all kinds of benefits through these hearts: lower habitat prices, higher-earning speed, etc.

Pros Cons
Who can resist the cuteness of a penguin? A lot of ads.
There’s a chill vibe to the music. Keeps crashing on some devices.
Simple gameplay and easy to learn – perfect for kids.
There is zero violence and beautiful scenery in the arctic.