Securing Your Internet Connection for Faster Internet Speeds

By | August 5, 2016

Are you suffering from slow internet connection? Are you irritated from slow downloading and uploading speeds? Have you tried some solutions yet your problem remains the same? If your answer to these questions is yes, then your problem may be caused by an unsecured internet connection network. You may already know that when an internet network is shared by a lot of users, the connection slows down since the connection is shared by a lot of users. This may be the underlying cause of your problem, because your internet connection that you pay for every month is being used by other users without you knowing it. This article will teach you how to secure your internet connection to improve your internet speed.

Account Privacy

Once you have availed your internet connection, it is highly recommended for you to change the default username and password of the wireless network. This way, you can secure your internet connection in case some hackers hack the data base of your internet service provider or even your own account. They will have the access to your connection since they know your username and password. So what you should do is to change the username to whichever you desire and your password to something that is complex but you will be able to remember well. This way, it will be hard for anyone to go into your wireless network since they do not know your account username and password unless you tell them yourself.

Wi-Fi Protected Access and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2

WPA and WPA 2 stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2. This is now the most common and most used wireless security by people with private wireless connection. Using either these two types of wireless security enables you to choose an encryption method of your choice. Furthermore, it will be hard for hackers to go into your internet account and do some security breach. Furthermore, the keys that you should input for these wireless security methods should be complex so that no one can easily access your internet connection. If you want to check your connection speeds, you should use PLTC speed test which is an internet speed test tool. It can help you determine and measure your upload and download bandwidth. If you think that you are not receiving the speeds that your ISP has promised you, then one cause may be an unsecured wireless network. Thus, you should turn to WPA or WPA2 to secure your connection.

The website provides an internet speed test tool which is reliable enough to give you measures of your internet connection speeds both for your upload and download bandwidth.