Top 5 Bike Racing Games for Android Mobile Free Download

By | December 27, 2016

Top 5 Bike Racing Games for Android Mobile Free Download

Top 5 Bike Racing Games for Android Mobile Free Download

Like many other racing games, Bike racing games are also among the best genre for Android gaming. People do love to play games on Android, and they search for every type of games.

Here is the list of top 5 bike racing games for Android. Just download these games and play some of the best on your Android device.

1. Real Bike Racing:

Real Bike Racing free downloadReal Bike Racing is one of the great bike racing games for Android. You will have an amazing experience of real bike racing while playing this game. This game is the first choice for all bike lovers. It has 10 top quality different and unique bikes. Rear mirror view are excellent and works perfectly. Lightning effects in the gameplay are awesome which makes it more awesome. The graphics in the games is 3D which makes a great view of the gameplay and enjoy good and high-quality graphics. Select your bike and compete with other bikers to win the World Championships.

Real Bike Racing Free Download

2. Bike Racing 3D:

Bike Racing 3D Free downloadBike Racing 3D is another one of the top bike racing games for Android. It is a number 1 extreme BMX bike riding game with amazing stunts. Go through different competitions and do amazing stunts on different tracks. You will have 60 different tracks in Career mode. It will start from easy trial tracks to very technical and difficult tracks. Physics in the game is quite awesome which makes stunts more effective, and graphics in this game is 3D. For bike options, there are 5 unique bikes which you can select and do insane stunts and start your career.

Bike Racing 3D Free Download

3. Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer:

Highway Rider Motorcycle RacerHighway Rider Motorcycle Racer is a fast and crazy bike racing games for Android. You will drive fast and pass through cars in the highway. So be a smart rider and dodge all the cars in your way and drive as fast as you can and score high with close calls. Fast boost option will give you crazy high speed and control it to pass through traffic. You can show your driving skills in 4 different highways. There are two modes in the game which are Arcade Mode and Fugitive Mode. In Arcade Mode you have to pass through traffic and make close calls to score more. In Fugitive Mode you have to escape from police chase so drive as fast as you can to score more.

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer Free Download

4. Bike Racing Free:

Bike Racing Free Download Bike Racing Free is what you have been looking for free and one of the top bike racing games for Android. It comes with outstanding 3D graphics which increase the beauty of the games. The environment of this games is amazing as it has beautiful mountains and trees. You will feel smooth and very realistic bike riding experience. So show your bike riding skills and pass through different and challenging tracks and avoid from falling. If you fall, then you will lose, and each level of this game is exciting and challenging. So ride through hard and curvy tracks in the mountains. You can choose from different bikes tour ride. Game sounds add to make it more realistic and fun game to play.

Bike Racing Free Download APK

5. Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game:

Bike Race Free Motorcycle GameBike Race Free Motorcycle Game is another one of the best bike racing games for Android. It comes with a new mode of the tournament. It has very addictive gameplay of racing. You can online with multiplayer options and compete with other online players. First, train yourself with single player options. You can play in hundreds of different tracks and enjoy. Do cools stunts and enjoy the bike riding experience. You can choose from very different ranges of bikes. You do not need the internet to enjoy this game unless you want to play or compete with other online players.

Bike Race Free Motorcycle Game

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