How Can We Unlock Android Phone Google Account?

By | July 30, 2018

Google has introduced the latest security function which is built to give the phone which not available for use under inappropriate event. Because if your phone gets lost or stolen, then it is protecting the important data of your phone.

In these circumstances, this is a very useful feature of Google account. But it may also develop some serious issues, and their many users are in that situation where they have to unlock android phone Google account. Like this feature may be harmful for those android users who purchase their phone from the third party seller. And it can’t get connected with this person who sold the phone.

Many people were not able to use the phone because they cannot pass the screen where Google asks for Google account. That’s why people need to unlock the Google account. There is some procedure to unlock the Google account which is given below.

Method Used to Unlock Android Phone Google Account:

Here are two different methods used to unlock android phone google account.

Disable Factory Reset Protection on Android Phones:

Once you add a Google account in your phone factory reset protection is enabled. To disable it from your android phone you have to remove it from your account by following this procedure.

  • Firstly go to the settings
  • In the settings menu open accounts
  • Then select Google
  • After this choose your account
  • Then click on right top corner icon “more.”
  • Here you will see “sync now” and “remove account.”
  • You have to click on “remove account.”

The selling of android cell phones is increasing day by day. That’s why this issue is a huge problem for many Android users.  In the following, you can get some information about it.

Steps to Unlock Android Phone Google Accounts:

When you complete the procedure of factory reset on your phone, then reboot your phone. After the procedure of reboot, your phone will show a screen where you have to choose a language. Then it moves for the further steps

  • Connect the phone with wifi network
  • Then it shows a screen where it asks for Google Account
  • Tap the text field area where the account inserted through typing
  • Then tap and hold @ until the settings menu come out
  • Choose the Google keyboard settings.
  • After this tap on the three dots which is given in the top part of the screen
  • Now select the help and feedback
  • Select the help section and tap on using the Google keyboard.
  • Then long press on any text to select from this page and tap on Google app
  • A search field will show
  • Delete the text which you choose before in the search area
  • Now type “settings” in the search area.
  • In the setting, menu selects “about phone” and tap on it.
  • After selecting the about menu tap seven times on “build number” which allow Developer Options.
  • Then return to the settings and select the developer option
  • Enable OEM unlocking and tap back two times.
  • Now Restart the device
  • Again connect it to Wi-Fi.
  • Your phone will ask you to add a new Google account
  • Now you can easily use your new Google account in your phone.

By using this method, you can unlock android phone Google account. This is not an easy method but not difficult too. It 100% works accurately if you follow the above procedure.