Download App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK Free for Android

By | October 8, 2017

As the name describe that App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK is used to create shortcuts of applications and activities on Android devices. Their shortcuts will help to increase your efficiency of using the android phone and also reduce the timing of the operations. You won’t need to navigate from one folder to another folder in order to access a certain app or activity. App Shortcut Maker make it super-easy for the android users and increase the usefulness of Android Home screen. By using this app you got the power of making a shortcut of any app or any Android activity. So, if you need to save time and enhance your productivity by saving time than Download the App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK for your Android Phone from the link given below.

App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK free

Features of App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK for Android

Following are the main features of app shortcut maker 2.1 APK for Android which you will experience once you download the app and start making shortcuts.

  • Custom shapes of shortcuts, many unique and stylish options to make the icons for apps like heart, Ace, Apples and many others.
  • It supports the icon packs for all like Nova, apex, Adw, Go, it’s also support Start launcher packs icon. You are at liberty to choose any icon from these pack for your shortcut.
  • You can also use images from gallery to create a shortcut of your app.
  • Allow renaming of shortcut created.
  • You are at liberty to create shortcuts for any of your android activities.

Specifications of App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK

Following are the main specifications of App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK. Have a look at them before downloading the app.

Required Android Version 4.0
Targeted Android Version 7.1
APK Size 3.6 MB
Version 2.1
MD5 Hashing Key d4b4004ef3fe0a38e72efca9f015b9a4
SHA1 Hashing 207d455deca42a1d85569a127c4e380dea1363cb
SHA256 Hashing Key 63be43dcb72b3f17bb08523d450e88ec05cc75c183249d8070edfd14620f334e

Download App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK

Click the download link shown below in order to download the App Shortcut Maker 2.1 APK free for Android.

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