Top 25+ Best Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Animated Movies

Several people love to watch cartoons (anime), do you love watching anime or not? If you are the lover of anime then you should be attentive in new series of anime and the best popular cartoon sites. Are there any best cartoons to watch? We will share lists of the top popular cartoon series and the best anime streaming sites to your reference in this article.

Best Popular Animated Series:

Here is the list of best-animated series.

  • The Attack of the Titans
  • Death Note
  • Soul Eater
  • The Devil is a part-timer
  • High school DxD
  • Love Live!
  • Psycho-Pass
  • Is it a zombie?
  • Tenchi Muyo!
  • Senki zesshou Symphogear
  • Naruto
  • One Piece
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Kill la kill
  • Classroom Assassination
  • Noragami
  • Black Butler
  • Erased
  • Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Steins; Gate
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Fairy tail

Do you want to watch these cartoons? You need to know the best-animated sites that permit you to like the 1080pixel High graphics result. Though, do you recognize which is the greatest of these well-known manga series? Follow the rest of this article to find the best animated streaming sites and animated dub sites. You can also download anime mobile apk to watch popular animated series.

List of Top 10 Anime Streaming Sites

Here is the best anime streaming sites:

  • Hulu site
  • Crunchyroll site
  • Full-anime site
  • CINEMAVF site
  • Anime Season site
  • 9 anime site
  • Animepahe site
  • Daisuki site
  • Project GXS site
  • Nyaa site


If you watch Television and animated movies online maybe know Hulu. You can search and find the best cartoons, video games, and Korean dramas. Hulu allows you to see TV shows and movies. Do you want to watch Dragon Ball Z on animated Hulu? Just put the name into the option of search for exploring the good solution.


Now erased is hot on the Crunchyroll. This anime site is very active. You can also enjoy cartoon with high quality in Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll offers many solutions to search your favorite cartoons. E.g. this site of anime makes a cartoon group to make it simple to find whatever you need: simultaneous broadcasts, the latest news, news sites, new anime, new dramas and the internet forum to chat manga or cartoons with other amateurs.


Full-anime is a streaming site that is designed to offer cartoons and manga’s for hobbyists, where you can find that series are ranked as Latest Outings, Best Anime and Latest Movies Added. You can also find the cartoon you want by entering the name in the search bar. Full-anime has a good specialty compared to other sites, it shows the drawing summary when you put the cursor on the corresponding image, which can help you quickly find the drawing that interests you.


CINEMAVF is a media site that offers Streaming Movie, Streaming Series, Anime Streaming and HD Movie to its end users. In the Anime Streaming part, you can find that anime is divided into Best Animated Streaming Sites, Anime Manga’s streaming. You can even ask for a series if there is not one. The drawings are also classified under different categories like Action, Friendship, Love, Drama, War, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Police, Musical, Sport, etc. You can surely find which ones you like.


This Anime Season works as well by offering cartoon videos for its clients. You can find popular cartoons according to the ratings given by its fans. In Anime Season anime site the left sidebar will permit you to search any cartoon. You can also free download episode of animes. Furthermore, this animated anime site features four portions to help you choose cartoons: recent anime recommendations, new animated episodes, newly added animations and recently rated anime. His categories interest you? Go to this site to find your favorite cartoons.

#6- 9ANIME.CO:

This 9 anime is the good streaming site if you need great quality of cartoon. In this streaming site include animated anime. You can very easily download 9anime.This anime site 9anime is totally free. 9 anime also permits us to adjustment among video quality, i.e. 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p.


This animepahe is the best site to download and watch includes some ads. Every episode are existing in is very easy to use and the anime episode is of good quality. Animepahe distribute into 2 sites namely for download and for streaming only.


It’s also the best-authorized site that is permitted to deliver Japanese cartoons to the whole world. Daisuki created by many different anime studios. This streaming site transmission all cartoon that has already been issued. You require a premium payment for download but we can see it online free. Daisuki site design is very interactive and fascinating. Daisuki anime site works well in mode office.

#9- Project-GXS.COM:

The Project GXS encode 10-bit coding for better audio and video quality. This anime site also offers torrent and direct links to download.

#10- NYAA.SI:

The Nyaa anime site is the only download site. This site provides the torrent for all dubbed, raw anime and subtitle of anime as soon as they are released. The main transmission sites such as HorribleSubs, Crunchyroll,, AnimeRG etc.

List of Other Cartoons Sites

Are these animated sites sufficient to watch cartoons? If you want further anime sites, you can get the solution in the table below.

Sites Download Specifics


Of course, you are capable to download cartoons for free with the help of green button Download.


a)     You can watch all the animated episodes with the subtitles for free.

b)      Access to 3000+ animated series and 50000+ animated episodes.

Nova anime Nope a)     Access to Korean drama.

b)     See series of animated animes and online movies for free with English subtitles.






a)     It is more than a cartoon site in this you can get here popular movies.

b)     The unsaved version allows you limited viewing. If you need to get more animated movies and animated series, you have to do the recording.


Anime chia


Nope a)     Many renewals.

b)     You can play animated anime with 1068 HD quality video.

c)     You can simply search and select.



Nope a)     View online anime with high-quality English subtitles.

b)     Select the animated anime since the date of its release.

Anime Gogo Nope a)     It is the biggest complimentary animated anime website in the world according to the description on their page.

b)     See no cost series and online animated movies with subtitles of English.

c)     This anime site design is pretty.

d)     Navigation is easy Nope See your favorite cartoons online on this animated streaming sites with its great low data.
Crazy anime Nope a)     See anime online at no cost.

b)     Support cartoon videos dubbed in English or with English subtitles.


Freak anime Nope a)     View cartoons and movies streaming free online.

b)     It has its application of android.


Anime Narutoget Nope a)     It goals to offer the episodes of Naruto.

b)     This site is the great and fast source to see online Naruto manga’s.


Here Anime Nope a)     Upload the online newest anime animated.

b)     See all animes for complimentary.


Ultima Anime Nope a)     You have to registration.

b)     Renewal per hour.

c)     Free cartoon website to see anime animated with English dubbed and English subtitles.


Show anime Nope a)     See animated series with high quality online English subtitles.

b)     Offer the best Dragon Ball Super animated series anime


Anime Funimation Nope a)     You have to register.

b)     Allow users view cartoons and Asian dramas.

c)     Watch anime with English subtitles.


Seed anime Yes. He will navigate to another link to download the anime. a)     Online Watch cartoon videos.

b)     due to copyright you cannot play anime

Anime Heaven Yes a)     Free anime site

b)     Compatible with window7, window 8, window 10 and Mac.

c)     You can download anime with different quality.

So far, we’ve shown you the top cartoons series and the best anime streaming sites. However, after using all the animated sites, we’ve discovered that there are just a few sites that allow end users to the download cartoons on the computer.

Moreover, video download software that supports cartoon video sites is very rare. So, how to get different animes from different animated streaming sites? Record these animated series is the great method to get these series.

You can record any episode you want from any site on your computer screen with a good cartoon recorder. You are able to capture high-quality cartoon video with the single REC button.