Top Best Free Registry Cleaner Software Download Free

Free Registry Cleaner – Most of the computer user don’t aware of the computer software registries. Do you know the computer registries? Do you know how to clean them manually? Do you know that you can use computer software to clean the registries on your computer? Today we are going to talk about the best free registry cleaner of computers.

Brief introduction of Registry Cleaner

  • A registry cleaner frees the computer from unnecessary registry data.
  • The software repairs still needed but erroneous entries.
  • Registry cleaner programs make more space on the computer.
  • The program ensures much faster work of the computer

Reasons for a Registry Cleaner

On each computer or laptop, various programs are required in addition to the operating system to perform various tasks.

Every single installation leaves an entry in the so-called registry which each computer has about the respective program, which the user has installed. If the program is uninstalled again, many programs retain these entries, which make the computer slower and slower over time. This mainly affects older models, which usually also have obsolete installations.

At first, the storage of the entries regarding the performance of the computer is not noticeable, the computer starts up in seconds, all processes run cleanly and fast. After years of countless installation and DE installation processes, the registry has already filled with countless erroneous and no longer needed entries.

To exactly such entries takes care of a registry cleaner software, which ensures that unneeded entries in the registry disappear completely and erroneous entries are repaired. To do this, the Cleaner systematically scans all registry data on the computer, depending on the volume of superfluous and incorrect entries, the performance of the computer can thus improve significantly, faster work is then possible for both the computer and the user again.

The Effects of a Free Registry Cleaner Software

  • Faster startup of the computer
  • System processes are running faster again
  • The system becomes more stable, crashes are minimized

Best Free Registry Cleaners

  AVG PC-Tune up System Mechanic Norton Utilities Avira System Speedup Ashampoo Win optimizer
Cleaning various programs


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Clean up your browser


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shortcut Cleaning


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Shredder


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Defragmentation function


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Independent maintenance


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Startup Optimization


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Process Manager


Yes No


Yes Yes Yes
Driver Update


Yes Yes No No No

AVG PC Tuneup Free Registry Cleaner:

The software AVG PC Tuneup offers in addition to the functions shown above, other useful tools, such as an uninstall manager, with which programs can be removed quickly and, above all, completely from the computer or laptop. The Duplicate Finder locates duplicates on the drive, while the software provides users with recommendations on which duplicates can be safely deleted. In addition, this program ensures that there are fewer crashes and keep all drivers on the computer or laptop always up to date.

Download AVG PC TuneUp


  • The start time of the computer is improved
  • Clear user interface
  • Gives an enormous amount of hard disk space
  • Other programs are impaired in their function


  • Performance data of other programs decreases

System Mechanic:

With a Duplicate Finder and an update of all the drivers in the system, the System Mechanic software does not come up to snuff, but this software also offers more than 50 different functions for the perfect optimization of the computer. In addition to the thorough cleaning of the registry, other features prove to be very useful, such as the Net Booster tool, which optimizes broadband connections as best as possible. The performance of processor, memory and hard drive is maximized with the Live Boost in real time.

Download System Mechanic


  • Ideal for beginners
  • User-friendly and clear interface
  • Excellent support


  • The release of hard disk space comparatively low

Norton Utilities:

The functions of Norton Utilities are also wide-ranging, the registry is also optimally cleaned up and thus improved performance. Disk also defragments and repairs this software, even accidentally deleted files can be easily recovered. This software also has a Duplicate Finder, as well as all drivers can be updated quickly and easily through this program.

Download Norton Utilities


  • Free a large amount of disk space
  • No impairment of other programs
  • Mostly designed user friendly


  • Operation not always easy to understand
  • Low startup time reduction

Avira System Speedup:

With such functions can also convince the program Avira System Speedup, which can also clean up the registry optimally. The battery optimizer also makes it possible to improve the battery life of the laptop. Also handy is the management of system restore points, which help the user to easily restore the computer’s system.

Download Avira System Speedup


  • Release a large amount of additional hard disk space
  • Large range of functions
  • Clear structure


  • Some functions are redundant

Ashampoo Win optimizer:

The Ashampoo Win optimizer can also provide such features, except for a driver update, this software also offers all the features to optimize your computer or laptop. For example, here is the game booster, which optimizes the performance of the games. It overcomes redundant background programs, providing the maximum number of resources to use the games. To protect privacy, the Internet Cleaner contributes by reliably deleting the search history. In addition, the program recognizes SSD hard disks and therefore advises against defragmentation.

Download Ashampoo Win optimizer


  • Intuitive operation
  • Large range of functions


  • Start time improvement low
  • Low share of disk space

Eusing Registry Cleaner:

With the Eusing Registry Cleaner you can check, clean up and repair the system registry of Windows systems. This can fix bugs and also improve the stability, performance and speed of the computer. The free, portable software scans registry entries – identifying, for example, invalid DLLs, Windows services and help files, or obsolete file extensions and program locations.

If the tool has found corresponding entries, you can first create a backup of the current Windows registry before cleaning / repairing. This will restore the system state should something go wrong or get lost. Then the Eusing Registry Cleaner goes to clean up the system.

Download Eusing Registry Cleaner

CCleaner Free Registry Cleaner:

CCleaner is one of the most used free optimization tools. The program can free the registry and the hard disk of unnecessary ballast. CCleaner is available for all Windows versions, so Windows 7 is no problem either. CCleaner is unfortunately unable to make a backup of the registry. For this reason you have to manually backup the registry before cleaning.

With CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) your computer runs even faster, because the software analyzes selected areas of your PC and removes useless and useless files. The CCleaner knows a wide range of applications, from browsers to image processing, knows where unnecessary files are and removes them. When deleting cookies, the CCleaner is sufficiently intelligent: login data, such as your e-mail account, will not be deleted.

The CCleaner can do even more. In the “Tools” area, uninstall software and clear the startup menu. If you are confident, you can also delete old restore points here to create more storage space. The content of complete hard drives you delete with the “hard drive Wiper” irretrievably.

Download CCleaner Free Registry Cleaner


  • free
  • increases performance of your computer

Wise Registry Cleaner:

The Freeware Wise Registry Cleaner frees your registry from redundant ballast. The free version of the Wise Registry Cleaner is suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems and reliably cleans up the registry.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free validates registry entries and removes remnants of uninstalled programs if desired. You can run the scan automatically or specify which parts of the registry to check. You can check or edit all entries before deleting using the integrated editor. Before cleaning, the tool creates a backup of the registry on request, so you do not stand in the event of an error without a functioning registry.

Since version 7 there is no Pro version anymore. The Wise Registry Cleaner is now offered exclusively as a freeware with full functionality. Among other things, the new version of the user interface have been embellished significantly, as well as the speed of registry cleanup and defragmentation increased. It is also very gratifying that the Wise Registry Cleaner is free of any toolbars, search engines and websites.

Wise Registry Cleaner is multi-lingual programmed and supports many languages that you can select during installation. Features of the free cleaner include:

  • Registry deep check
  • Examining COM and ActiveX keys
  • Checking program paths
  • Checking Windows Font Keys
  • Check shared DLL keys
  • User MRU lists check
  • Examining file extension keys
  • Check IE URL History List Keys

Download Wise Registry Cleaner

Free Window Registry Repair:

Searches the Windows registry for bad entries and tries to delete them; can create automatic backups and restore the registry to an older state.

Download Window Registry Repair

RegSeeker Free Registry Cleaner:

Searches the Windows Registry for any erroneous or invalid entries and references to programs that no longer exist and removes them. If desired, individual sections of the registry can be excluded from browsing; also processes startup entries.

Download RegSeeker Registry Cleaner

Easy Cleaner :

Finds wrong and unnecessary entries in the registry as well as unneeded files.

Download Easy Cleaner

Advanced System Care Ultimate:

To an anti-malware engine extended version of the registry and optimization tool Advanced System Care Free; among other things, it offers real-time protection against viruses, spyware and phishing attacks as well as various tuning and cleaning functions.

Download Advanced System Care Ultimate