Complete Guide to Bypass FRP Google Account Note 4 for Free

Bypass FRP Google Account Note 4 – Recently Google has introduced a new mobile phone security measure so called Factory Reset Protection. On Android Operating System 5.0 or higher this security parameter is implemented in order to protect the data of the customer to have an access by the unknown and unauthorized user. No doubt it’s a good security add up to Android OS just as implemented before in iOS Devices via the iCloud account. So, here is this article we will discuss the solution of problem “Bypass FRP Account Note 4”. So go through the entire article in order to get rid of this major issue with your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 device.

Most of the Android users are not familiar with this security parameter. So they also don’t know how to on or off the FRP lock that’s why whenever they do the factory reset their handset they stuck and could not find the reason why they face that problem. In that particular case, they need to provide the same Google account and password which was sync before with the mobile device. It is the fact that most of the time we don’t bother to remember the username and password of synced Google Account. That is the same google account which helps us to download the apps and games from the Google Play Store. So the only solution left is you have to Bypass FRP Google Account for your device. And here is the device is Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Solution to Bypass FRP Google Account Note 4

No need to be worry at all here we have a 100% working method for you to bypass FRP verification account for Note 4. So keep on moving through articles you will hit the 100% working method to bypass the FRP.

How to Bypass FRP Google Account Note 4

You need to follow the guide step by step in order to bypass FRP for Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

  1. Very First Step is to download FRP bypass APK.
  2. Also, download a supported Application called RealTerm.
  3. Now you need to make a connection within your PC and Mobile Device. And then you have to find the port number to which the device is attached.
    1. Navigate to “my computer”, right-click and go to “Manage”.
    2. Then Navigate to the “device manager”.
    3. Then go to the “Modems”
    4. Select “Samsung Galaxy USB Modem”
    5. Finally, double-click in order to check properties and navigate to the port tab.
    6. Note down that port no as we need it further in the process.
  4. Launch the RealTerm application now.
  5. Enter the port no and set the application as you can see in the screenshot.realterm change port screen
    1. Now we have done all the essentials setting of RealTerm Application.
  6. Now it’s the time to enter and run some commands to complete the task. Select the send tab and enter this command at+creg?\r\n.RealTerm frp bypass realterm half duplex
  7. Now you need to enter the 2nd command in the same interface and hit Send ASCII.bypass frp google account note 4
  8. Now you have to keep on entering these commands until the dialer screen appear on the phone.
  9. Now you need to download and install “ES File Explorer” file from Samsung account.
  10. Now you have to copy the bypass apk to your phone using SD Card or any other way.
  11. Open the copied file through ES File Explorer and install it.
  12. Once the app is installed open it.
  13. Here the device will ask you to enter the Google account but here you will see another magic. Tap on menu options and browser sign in

That’s all you have done it. Congratulation you have bypassed the FRP Account on Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Now you have to restart your device and all setup. It won’t prompt you again to enter the Google Username and Password.

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