Get Top Best ways to bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7 For Free

Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7 – It’s a good news for the users of Samsung Galaxy S7 that now they can also bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FPR) of Samsung Galaxy S7. S7 is recently launched in 2017 with the latest updates and brand new technology. That’s why Google and Samsung collectively working together on the security and privacy policies of mobile devices. And they took a serious step in order to protect the precious data of your mobile. Many of us are glad about this security step but at the same time if you purchased a second-hand mobile and factory reset it you will be annoyed if FRP Security is enabled. In that case, you need to bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7.

When the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system released, with this release Google introduce FRP to protect the device and personal Data. For instance, let’s say you have lost or device or someone tries too hard factory reset your mobile device without your permission and you have enabled the Factory Reset Protection then Google will ask for account details that were set up before.

The devices of Samsung like Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 and many others had not this features but the latest device like Galaxy S7, J5, J7, S7 Edge and prime version of these handsets have this feature implemented. In most of the cases, the user forgets the email and password of Google account for verification they used before. But now you don’t need to be worry anymore you can cover this up very easily.

There is an android app which will help us to bypass the Google account Verification for Samsung Galaxy S7 after the hard factory reset of the mobile device.

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Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7 with OTG

Following are the steps to perform in order to bypass FRP for Samsung Galaxy S7 before you started you need following 2 things.

  1. Android OTG Cable
  2. A PC or Laptop

Perform the following Step if you get the OTG cable for Android.

  1. Very First You need to download the FRP Bypass APK for Android.
  2. Copy this APK file for android to USB.
  3. Using the cable mentioned above use your USB to connect with PC.
  4. Once it will be connected, a file manager app will be popped up. You need to install that APK App.
  5. Scroll down you need to find the “Backup and Reset”.
  6. Tap on Factory Data Reset and Reset Device. It will erase following things from your device.
    • Google Account
    • Complete Application Data
    • Any kind of Device Custom Setting
    • Downloaded Applications
    • Pictures, Movies, and everything belongs to the user.
  7. Finally, your mobile will restart normally and it will take some time while booting.

Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7 without OTG

The method is quite similar but in this method, you will use your PC instead of using OTG cable.

  1. First of all, you need to Download and install SideSync APK.
  2. Launch the SideSync Application on your computer and connect your mobile device using the USB cable.
  3. A popup message will appear as shown in the image.Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7
  4. Tap on google chrome in order to download the bypass app APK.Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7 _ 02
  5. Once you download the APK file now you need to open the Samsung apps tap back. There it will prompt you to install the SideSync Application but here you need to install ES File Explorer.
  6. Open the installed ES File Explorer.
  7. Navigate to the Download Folder and launch the bypass app APK in order to install it.
  8. Now open the setting menu and tap “Backup and Reset”.
  9. Tap Factory Data Reset and reset the device.
  10. Now finally you have unlocked you Samsung Galaxy S7

You can use anyone the above-mentioned methods both are tested and implemented. Now bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S7 is not a mystery anymore. Have fun and unlock your device right now.

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