How to Bypass Google Account Verification For Samsung SideSync

Bypass Google Account Verification For Samsung SideSync

Bypass Google Account Verification For Samsung SideSync

How to Bypass Google Verification Instructions:


Step 1: Download Sidesync and Install sidesync in your computer

STEP 2: At the google account screen. connect your device with computer.

STEP 3: Plug the OTG cable to your phone and plug the flash drive to the other end of the cable.

STEP 4: The Samsung will automatically launch the file explorer showing the root directory of the flash drive you just plugged in.

STEP 5: Touch the APK file.

STEP 6: A system dialog box will pop up warning you that sideloading of apps is blocked by default. Touch Settings to continue.

STEP 7: Tap Unknown Sources, then OK. You can proceed to the installation of the APK file.

STEP 8: After the installation, tap Open. You can now access the Settings menu. Note-5-access-settings

STEP 9: Unplug the OTG cable from your phone.STEP 10: Scroll down to Backup and reset and proceed with the Factory Reset.

So, basically, all you need to do after following all those steps is the Factory Reset so you can have full access to your phone. It’s easy, right? The most difficult part is accessing Settings when you’re locked out.


  1. A laptop or a Computer.
  2. Need one OTG cable.

Here are some of the questions we received from our readers:

Q: How to avoid tripping FRP without compromising the device’s security?

A: Try not to perform master reset especially if you’re not sure if you already disabled your password or screen lock.

Q: Why doesn’t factory reset trip FRP?

A: Doing the Factory Reset brings the owner to the Settings menu and you can only do that if you have full access to your phone.

Q: I’ve been an Android user for years and this is the first time I heard of FRP, is this a new feature?

A: Yes, it is. Google started implementing it since Android 5.0.

Q: How do you enable FRP?

A: Just setup your Google account and use any screen lock type except Swipe.

Q: Is there any way to bypass FRP aside from this?

A: Yes, there is but it’s more complicated and time-consuming compared to this one. With the other method, you will have to download the entire stock firmware and manually flash it to your phone.

Also Works On this Models:

Alpha G850F, G850T, G850M, G850FQ, G850Y, J1 (2016) J120F, J120H, J120M, J120M, J120T, J3 (2016) J320F, J320P, J3109, J320M; J320Y
J2 J200F, J200Y, J200G, J200H, J200GU, J5 J500FN, J500F, J500G, J500Y, J500M, J7 J700F, J700M, J700H, E5 E500F, E500H, E500HQ, E500M, E500F/DS, E500H/DS, E500M/DS, E7 E7000, E7009, E700F, E700F/DS, E700H, E700H/DD, E700H/DS, E700M, E700M/DS, Tab 4, Tab Pro, Tab Active.

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