Bypass Google Phone Verification

Bypass Google Phone Verification

If lost your android phone and someone found your phone then that person will not be able to use your phone if you have already set up a screen lock pattern or security PIN. But in the past android OS, you can easily bypass lock pattern by just doing factory resetting the device.

But Now, Google introduced the new Google Account Verification or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in the all latest phones devices Android Softwares. In this if someone found your phone and want to reset your phone then first that person put the Google account information that you entered in this phone.

Bypass Google Phone Verification Code

In any case, FRP is activated & unfortunately your Google android mobile is reset through the recovery menu, the Android mobile phone then will demand you to re-enter the main Google username and passwords which were previous on the mobile device before it will successfully boot up again. Which means that if someone steals your personal mobile phone and resets it from recovery, there is no chance for them to use in. This is factory reset protection and discourages thieves from stealing a phone and resetting it to make it their own.

Bypass Google Phone Verification Code Solution:

After your mobile phone has finished its factory reset then it will reboot and prompted to choose the desired display language. After choosing the correct language please follow the next steps that are given below:

  1. First, Connect your phone to a Wifi Network.
  2. The next screen will ask you for the Google Account.
  3. Now, Tap the text field in which the account should be inserted until the Keyboard comes up
  4. Then, Tap & hold the “@” character until a Settings menu pops up
  5. Then, Select Google Keyboard Settings
  6. Now, Tap on the 3 dots that are given in the top part of the screen.
  7. Now, Select the Help&Feedback item and select any item in the list that will follow
  8. Long press to select any text on this page and click on Websearch in the upper right corner
  9. A search field will be shown.
  10. Type Settings in the search field
  11. Tap “About Phone” and tap 7 times on the Build Number to enable Developer Options
  12. Return to the previous menu and open the Developer Option that just appeared
  13. Allow OEM Unlocking and tap Back two times
  14. Restart the device
  15. Connect it to Wifi again
  16. Notice how you won’t be prompted to log in the previous Google Account and instead the phone will ask you to ADD a new Google Account.

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