How to Bypass Google Verification on HTC 2018

What is HTC Android Phone?

HTC is a leading brand of Android Smartphones in the world. HTC is well-known for its features and the Android OS. There are many HTC phones which have the latest Android OS. The latest Android OS has the Google verification on it. Google verification is a security feature which is very handy.

In case you lose your phone the other person cannot open it or use your data unless he inputs the previous Google credentials. However, in a case when you forget your Google info, what will you do? In such a case you should know How to Bypass Google Verification on HTC.

Step to Bypass Google Verification on HTC

Step 1: The welcome screen

The first thing you should know is that you need a WiFi connection to bypass the HTC phone. Turn on the device and tap in START form the welcome screen. Connect to a WiFi and tap OK. It will take you to another option.

Step 2: Open Settings and Google

  • For here you need to tap on entering Your Email. Once you tap on that, a keyboard will appear. You need to press and hold the settings icon on the keyboard until HTC SENSE INPUT SETTINGS appears.
  • From these settings, you need to tap on Personal Dictionary. Then you need to tap on HTCVR. From here you long-tap on HTCVR words until cut, copy and paste options appear. It will also display “Share.”
  • It will open many Apps that you can share the info. Tap on Gmail and then tap on Notifications and then APP SETTINGS.
    You will see three dots on the right corner. Tap and select MANAGE ACCOUNTS then Continue. From here you need to find Google and tap on it.
  • You need to tap on “SEARCH & NOW.” Then tap on NOW cards. Then you need to enable Show Cards option and then tap “No Thanks.”
  • From here type in “CHROME” in the search bar. It will show you Google Chrome tap on it to open it. You will get the option to setup Chrome. Tap on no thanks.

Step 3: Download Quick Shortcut Maker

Search for Quick Shortcut Maker. Open the link form where you can download the app and install it. After you download the App, go back where you see the screen with the option to enable “Show cards” enable them and click on No thanks.

Type Downloads to open the folder where you download the app. Tap on the App and install it. You need to allow installation from Unknown resources from the popup menu that appears. Tap the install button, and it will install. Once you install the App open it.

Step 4: Google Account Manager

Now type in the search bar, “Google Account Manager.” It will show you many options. You need to tap on the option that shows Type Email and Password.

Tap on Try and then tap on the three dots (which will appear on the retype password screen). From the menu select Browser Sign-in. Then tap OK.

Step 5: Enter new Google details
Now enter fresh Google details. Add a new Gmail and restart the device. The process is complete.