Bypass All Motorola Devices Using Motorola FRP Bypass Tool

You can now bypass all Motorola devices no matter it is the Moto X or Z2. If you have the correct tools and method, you can easily bypass the Moto Google verification.

Motorola is one of the best and the most trusted smartphones in the world. If you are looking to bypass the phone, then you are in the right place.

You will need a Motorola device manager, Motorola FRP Bypass Tool to bypass the verification and the ADB tool. Once you download the tools, you will then begin the bypass process.

These are the most authentic tools that you can use to bypass any Motorola device.

Before You Start Motorola Bypass

The first step is to install the device manager on the PC.

Make sure that you do not have any antivirus running on the PC. The antivirus may not allow the installation. If you have it on the PC, stop it or stop the scanning process which is going on in the background. It is always better to uninstall it.

After installing the device manager, you need to extract the Moto FRP Tool and run it as administrator. It will run in the CMD.

Follow The Moto FRP Bypass Steps:

  1. Switch off the phone. Now press and hold power + volume down key. It will enter the phone in the Fastboot mode.
  2. You will see various options. Now press the volume down key to scroll on “Bootloader Logs.”
  3. Connect the device to the computer using a USB cable. After you connect the device with the cable to the computer, you will see in the CMD that it displays a message. “Daemon no running.”
  4. Now it is time that you extract the ADB files. Go to the ADB folder and run the batch file named, “Bypass_FPR.BAT.”
  5. Once you do that you will see that there is a message on your Motorola “allow USB debugging.”
  6. Tap on OK and then wait till the device reboots to go to the home screen.
  7. These steps will allow the device to bypass the Google verification. Now you can add any Gmail ID.
  8. Add Gmail: When the home screen appears, you need to disconnect the phone from the PC. It is time that you add a Gmail ID.
  9. Now open settings on the phone and tap on Accounts. Then you need to tap on “Google.” You will see a + button, tap on it to add the details.
  10. Add any Gmail ID which you have and is valid to start the bypass process.
    Soft Reset PhoneTo bypass the Motorola device, you need to Soft Reset the phone.
  11. Now open settings from the phone by tapping on the Settings icon.
  12. Scroll to find the Security option and tap on it to open security settings
  13. Scroll to find Backup and Reset. Tap on Backup and Reset.
  14. Select “Factory Data Reset” and then Reset Phone. Make sure that you choose to erase all data.

Now you can use the same Gmail ID or any other that you want to start using the phone. It will not ask you to give the previous phone details. Using these tools you can bypass any Motorola Smartphone.