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By | November 23, 2019

Today we will unveil the facts and figures of FRP Bypass APK. A complete user guide to get benefited from the FRP Bypass APK 100% working.

What is FRP?

Factory Reset Protection is one of the best security features which protects the personal data of the user even the mobile phone has been stolen. Actually, the FRP required old synced Google Account at the time of hard reset. Indeed it’s a great security feature.

But one of the alarming facts could be like that most of the android users are not familiar with that security features and that’s why they are experiencing some inconvenience at the time of Factory Data Reset or Hard Reset.

But, fortunately, there is “FRP Bypass APK” android application which is used to get rid of this problem.

Download FRP Bypass APK File 2020

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Requirements For FRP Bypass App:

If you want to access the Factory Reset Protection feature of your mobile phone you are required to Download FRP Bypass Application before moving ahead. This is the only way to deactivate the FRP. Before moving ahead you are required to have these things.

  1. USB or Pen drive.
  2. PC / Laptop
  3. OTG (On the Go) Cable.

When you fulfill all of the above-mentioned things you have to follow the following mentioned steps.

  • First of all, you have to download FRP bypass application on your PC or laptop.
  • Move your application to the USB / Pen Drive.
  • Connect one side of OTG cable with Pen drive and another end with your mobile device.

Complete Procedure to Bypass FRP using FRP Bypass APK

Let’s start discussing Factory Reset protection method on Android phones. There are many different methods which you can follow to manage the deactivation of FRP. Follow these steps to avoid the FRP.

Once you downloaded the FRP Bypass App then copy the FRP Bypass APK in your pen drive or USB.

Then, you need to reboot your Samsung Mobile Phone and Select the language you preferred before tapping on Next or Start.

Bypass Samsung FRP Bypass APK Guide

In the next step, the mobile device will prompt you to insert a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module). You have to “Skip” this step and move forward to the next screen.

Bypass FRP Guide

In the Next screen, available Wi-Fi will be visible to you. Here you have to get connected your device to the Wi-Fi and tap “Next”.

FRP Bypass APK Guide 2018

On the next window, you have to check the mark in order to say that you agree with the terms and conditions of the Samsung Device License Agreement. And then tap on the Next button shown on screen at the bottom-right.

FRP Bypass App

Here is what we have been waiting for, the Google Account Verification Window appeared now as shown in the picture below. We have to bypass this verification.

FRP Bypass Application

Now, you have to Grab the On-The-Go Cable and with this cable at one end connect your device and at the other end connect the USB or pen drive on which you have copied the FRP Bypass APK.

Once the file Manager prompt at the screen of your device, search the FRP APK file having .apk extension and select it. Here you will see the “Development Settings” window on the device.

Here you need to select “Install” and keep on heading for next step.

Download FRP Bypass Application

Now, you have to launch the installed Bypass FRP Application to the Settings Page of your Samsung Mobile. Here you have to select the “Backup and Reset” to “Factory Data Reset” your Samsung Mobile by a simple click on “Erase Everything” as the shown below in the picture.

Bypass FRP APK 2018

Note: Here your device will reboot and will take a bit more time than regular restarting time. Keep patience and Fix Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock with FRP Bypass APK.

How Much Time Will It Take To Bypass FRP Using FRP Bypass APK?

This is one of the easiest methods to bypass FRP of any Mobile device. Follow the above mentioned carefully. And the whole process it won’t take more than 10 minutes if you follow the step accurately. Download Factory Reset Protection free from the link given above and deactivate the FRP security feature.

Final Words About FRP Bypass Application

We are well familiar with the fact the Android always has been criticized for being less secure. But with the passage of time, Google and Android have been working together to make the android phones more secure and reliable.

The whole concern is about the privacy of data. But most of the users lack Knowledge about the latest implemented security features that’s why they don’t bother at the time of Hard Reset. In such case, the FRP Bypass APK will help them to deactivate the Factory Reset protection.

You can follow rest of the step-by-step guide on our homepage how to bypass FRP using the app you’ve just downloaded. If you’re having any issues downloading APK or bypassing the Google account, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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