ES File Explorer File Manager APK Free Download for Android

As the name of application describe that ES File Explorer APK is the file manager to managing the files and folder on Android devices. ES File Explorer APK is one of the top best file managing application for Android and the good news is you can get this application for free for your Android device. Due to its simplicity and easy to use it is one of the most downloaded application and famous file manager for Android on Google Play Store. Within very short time the total downloads of ES File Manager reach to 4,519,298 till now in numbers. The ES File Manager is totally free of cost you don’t need to pay a single penny for it. You can enjoy all features of Application without purchasing the application.

ES File Explorer APK

Features of ES File Explorer APK

Following are the main features of ES File Explorer APK which you will experience once you download the APK, install it and start managing your files.

  1. ES File Explorer APK offers you managing the data stored in your device either in internal storage or SD Card. It allows you an ease of performing operation between storage like copying or moving files from Mobile internal storage to SD storage.
  2. The application is compatible with the background processing. Background processing means you can use your phone while the ES File Explorer is performing the operation which you makes to run the in the background.
  3. It allows multiple threading which means that you can use multiple windows at the same time in ES File Explorer.
  4. The application allows creating a private network in order to share files across multiple devices by using the Wi-Fi of devices. So, we can say that this application just works like Shareit Application too.
  5. You can hide the personal or critical files to save them from unauthorized access.
  6. If you have done the root of your Samsung device you can do explore the hidden files and can make changes in it.
  7. It also supports lock to the private files. So, you can apply security in terms of the password to your personal files.
  8. It also supports gestures, you can define your own gestures as well as you can use the predefined gestures.

Download ES File Explorer File Manager APK Free

You can download the ES File Explorer File Manager APK for Free by clicking the download button and install it on your Android Device.

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