Factory Reset Galaxy S6 Complete Step by Step Guide

Factory Reset Galaxy S6 is the last thing you do before getting rid of a phone, or something you do as a last option when your device is not functioning properly. Factory Reset is a technique that permits you to restore a phone to preliminary factory settings. If you need to reset your Samsung Galaxy S6 there’s a so convenient way to do so. However, Samsung has some protected extra features for this function.

Samsung Galaxy S6 A Brief Description:

Samsung Galaxy S6 is an Android 5.0.2 Lollipop with TouchWiz operating system. It display comprises of 5.1 –inches and having Octa-core 4×2.1 GHz processor. Its basic storage is 32GB, 64GB AND 128GB.

If Samsung Galaxy S6 is missing or its crushing performance, the fast factory reset is all you want. Furthermore, if you’ve somehow forgotten the passwords, again the factory reset will result your device renew again.

Complete Procedure of Factory Reset Galaxy S6:

The process by which your device returns back to it’s renewed position; the same as you just but it, which make the device on the default setting once again. It is known as a Factory Reset. Moreover, all the stored data will automatically erase. In short, we mean everything including images, phonebook, soundtracks, stored documents, etc.

Another reason to perform factory reset could be that you’re selling your cell phone, and why are you’re clearing the whole settings of the phone, for once it is required deactivate factory reset protection abbreviated as “FRP.” By doing so, the compulsory data removed and the caution against FRP is no more.

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Factory Reset S6

The primary option to do S6 Hard Reset is mentioned below. This could be the most convenient method of resetting for all who can take access their cell phone’s settings.

  1. Go to Settings and select the Backup and reset.
  2. Then go and select Factory Data Reset which lies at the end of the display.
  3. The display immediately will show the warning list i.e. all stored data can erase and your mobile will go back its original state
  4. Verify this and then select Reset Device.
  5. Your cell phone will now be restored to its original state.

Recovery Mode Factory Reset S6

There is also another way to Factory Reset S6 through Recovery Mode. It is perfect for the people who have forgotten the passwords so that are not able to go to their settings panel. Following are the instructions to go for S6 factory reset.

  1. Switch the device off.
  2. Keep pressing the volume up key with the power keys down plus home button at the same time. Keep pressing these keys meanwhile your cell phone automatically display an Android symbol.
  3. Just, later on, you’ll have the specific boot menu of the device. Use the volume keys to up and down, power key to make your selection. Afterwards, go to Wipe Data or Factory
  4. Then select yes, continue with the option delete all user data.
  5. Now tap the power keys This will show data wipe complete.
  6. Once this process is finished, tap power key of the mobile.