3 Ways to Hard Reset Galaxy S3 in 2018 – Best Factory Reset Galaxy S3 Android

A new version of Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced in May 2012. Its display comprises 4.8 inches, weighing of 133 g with a Micro-SIM adjustment. It has a standby battery of up to 590 hr and talks time up to 21 hr. it has 16 GB of internal storage and can expand to 64 GB.

How to Hard Reset Galaxy S3?

Hard reset the Samsung Galaxy S3 may fix the problems, improve the functioning and system or it may be helpful in restoring the phone to default factory settings. One of the major drawback and risk involved in resetting your phone is that it will wipe out all your personal content and applications. There are various methods to reset Samsung Galaxy S3.

Reset S3 From The Settings

  • Go to Menu shown on home screen.
  • Go to
  • Tap Back up and reset: By doing this, your phone will take backup plus store all the data.
  • Go to Factory data reset.
  • Select Reset device. In case you enable your device to screen lock, then you have to enter PIN code first.
  • Tap Delete all : All your data will remove from your device

Galaxy S3 Reset While Powered Off

  • Switch off Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Hold on by pressing Power key, Home button with Volume Up
  • Then you phone start vibrating.
  • A caption of android system recovery appears on display
  • Hold the Volume Down and wait till factory reset option appears.
  • Tap the Power button to select the option.
  • Tap the Volume Down key unless Delete all user data
  • Tap “Power” key to complete the process.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3 via Dial Pad Reset Method

This method is the most simple and quick way to reboot your phone. You just need to follow 2 steps.

  • Open the dial pad of mobile
  • Just Type, *2767*3855#
  • Confirm the resetting and erasing process.

Warning before Doing S3 Hard Resetting

  • In case you reset your cellphone to the factory reset while your phone has an inserted SD card encryption setting enabled, mobile will now not be capable of reading your encrypted documents. Disable this before resettling your mobile.
  • it is not possible to restore your data after performing a hard reset, in this case, online backup is so important. It is compulsory to back up your cell phone, system, applications, data, and all important content before doing a hard reset.  Furthermore, there’s a difference between just back up the apps and data and creating a whole android device backup.  This might seem so careful, but clearing all the personal data proves to be a total loss.

Reasons to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3:

There are many reasons when hard resetting is needed. Sometimes it becomes important for the user to reset. Following are the possible reasons in this context.

  • Selling purpose
  • Improper functioning
  • Permanently Locked
  • Slow Performance.
  • Data Erasure