Complete User Guide about How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

Today we are going to unveil the Complete User Guide about How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Android smartphones.

Have you ever been in the situation when you deleted your text message accidentally?

Or actually, you are landed on this web page because you have been suffering that problem. Then don’t be panic. No matter what version of Android your smartphone have, no matter how much old it is, still you can recover the deleted text messages from your Android Smartphone.

The only thing you need a right direction, the right software, and complete user guide. And in this article, you will get all of this thing. So, grab your smartphone, read out the complete article about complete user guide about how to recover deleted text messages Android.

Methods to Recover Deleted Text Messages & Data

The first question that could arise in your mind could be that how can you recover the deleted text messages from Android Smartphone? What kind of software required to do that task?  So the answer revolves around the main topics around which the whole user guide will revolve. So, we have divided the user guide into 2 parts.

  1. Software Recommendation – MobiKin Doctor for Android Smartphone.
  2. User Guide about How to recover deleted Text Messages.

MobiKin Doctor for Android Smartphone

Undoubtedly, the market has many programs and software that you can use for the retrieval of the deleted messages or any other thing from your phone. But we highly recommend the MobiKin Doctor software for several reasons.

  • Efficient and quick recovery of the Software.
  • Compatible with both MAC and Windows platform.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pro version available with ready support.

Now let’s have a walk through the complete process of recovering the deleted messages. But first let’s download the MobiKin Doctor.

  • Download the MobiKin Doctor for Android- you can download the Windows and MAC both as per your requirement.

Which Mobiles are Compatible with the MobiKin Doctor?

We are here to answer every possible question that could arise in your mind.

You might think either your smartphone is compatible with the MobiKin Doctor software or not. You must be glad to know that MobiKin Doctor supports more than 2000 Android smartphones.

You can use this revolutionary software to recover the deleted messages from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Asus, LG and many other Android brands. Check out the list given at the end of this article to ensure that either your phone is compatible or not?

You can use the software now without rooting your smartphone, as MobiKin claims that you can still have an access to everything on your smartphone.

Technical Specifications of MobiKin Doctor

Here are the minimum system requirements of the MobiKin Doctor and other technical specifications which you must have a glance before proceeding next to the guide.

Compatible Operating System Windows Vista/XP/7/8/8.1/10
Minimum Processor 750 MHz Intel or AMD
Minimum RAM 1 GB
Minimum Hard Disk Space 1+ GB
Minimum Android version Android 2.0 or above

Complete User Guide to Recover Deleted Text Messages

Once you download the MobiKin Doctor software for Android Smartphone on your Computer. The next step is the successful installation of the software.

After successful installation connects your PC. The software will prompt a permission Message that it allows the MobiKin Access to your smartphone. Within no time you will start seeing the data of your text messages on the main screen of software and recovering data in your PC will be instantaneous.

The images below clearly describe the complete method of recovering deleted messages.

Step # 1 – As soon as you plug-in your smartphone, the main screen of the software will automatically appear. At this stage, the software will detect the device automatically and prompt a message upon the completion of the process.

How to Recover Deleted Messsages Android 1

Step # 2 – In the next phase, your device data such as system version, model etc. will be displayed and you will be provided with the choice of what type of data you want to recover now. In the screenshot, you can clearly see that you have options for

  • Contact Recovery.
  • Photos Recovery.
  • Messages Recovery.
  • Call logs Recovery.
  • Audio/Video Recovery.
  • Documents Recovery.

As we are talking about the How to recover the deleted Text Messages Android. You need to select messages and click on continue to move on.

How to Recover Deleted Messsages Android 2

Step # 3 – The data of your device will be recovered within a few minutes and will be displayed. In the screenshot, the selected categories are appearing but if you make a single Messages choice in step 2 you will see only recovered messages.

Here you have to choose the deleted items to display a kind of filtering which makes your work easy. Another way to do work is select the individual messages and recover only them.

Then finally click on Next and your deleted data will be recovered.

How to Recover Deleted Messsages Android 3

Step # 4 – Once the whole data of your mobile phone is recovered, you will be asked to save it directly to your PC hard drive. Choose a folder or you can create one also where you want to save your messages.

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages Android 4

Download Recommended Software MobiKin Doctor for Android

Click on the download button in order to download the MobiKin Doctor for Android and start recovering the deleted messages from your Android Smartphone.


Final Thoughts

There are thousands of recovery software available in the market but the MobiKin Doctor is one of the most demanding and easy to use the software.

We hope with the help of this user guide you have learned about How to Recover Deleted text messages Android? Your suggestions, tips, and trick about any other software which is more easy to use are welcomed.

Share your valuable feedback with us in terms of comments below.