How To ZTE SRQ 995N Hard Reset

How To ZTE SRQ 995N Hard Reset If Your Phone is Frozen

This is a video on how to perform both methods of factory reset on a ZTE Zmax. Soft reset and hard reset. All models, Z970, Metro PCS, T-Mobile.

Disclaimer: A factory data reset both hard or soft will erase all of your personal information on your device and return it to its out of the box state. You are doing this factory data wipe/reset on your device at your own risk. We are not responsible for any problems or technical difficulties caused from trying these techniques.

1st Method:

  • First, Go to menu or go to notification
  • Then click settings
  • Now, select backup and reset >> Select Factory Reset >> Confirm
  • now, Select Reset Phone >> Erase everything and click on >> Conform.

2nd Method:

  • Power off the phone.
  • Now, press and hold Volume up + Power on Button at the same time.
  • When options appear with Volume down go to the wipe data/factory reset and select it with power on button.
  • Now, use Volume Down Button Again and goto yes and select it with Power On button.
  • Now, Select Reboot system now with Power on Button.


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