LG Flash Tool 2018 – Download All Latest LG Flash Tools And Flash ROM’s

LG Flash tool is an ultimate option for all LG Android and Smartphone devices. It is used to fulfill the needs of all LG Android smartphones users. It is helpful for rebooting the device and offering bootloader/download, recovery modes. The stock firmware needs to be installed on several Android devices. It can be done by using fastboot commands and ADB commands.


  1. The LG G3 flash tool offers a complete professional experience
  2. The LG flash tool 2016 is compatible with running ARM applications
  3. Contains upgraded version of the mobile operating system
  4. Performs without limitations, works fast and offers a sharp restoration of files
  5. It is a user’s friendly and offers a native android running on your iPhone operating system.
  6. It is an ideal choice for you because it enables all the applications to run smoothly.
  7. The LG flash tool 2015 does not take much space on your device.

Why install LG Flash Tool?

It is very easy to install on OEM branded gadgets. For LG phones and tablets, it is formed. Users can easily download it from official firmware. KDZ and. TOT extension. To upgrading and downgrading, the device firmware, it is a must-have utility. The LG flash tool download is very easy from its official site. Users can easily avail LG flash tool 2016 free download.

The LG flash tool 2018 gives better graphics, faster browsing, less crashing, fewer device problems and richer audio. It scans recommended rights and drivers to reduce jittery mouse movements, connectivity issues, Printer Problems, Bugs and crashes. It assists fixing an issue of dropping Wi-Fi connection, solving slow connection issues, increases the speed of downloading, streaming, browsing, adding new features to improve the performance of the devices.

  1. You can unbrick an Android device
  2. Installs several versions of Android
  3. Installs custom recovery on the device
  4. Enables the user to flash the files into the system
  5. Provides a backup system for Android

LG Flash Tool Requirements:

  • A PC running Windows OS
  • USB Cable for Connecting LG Mobile and PC
  • LG USB Drivers
  • LG Flash Tool

Changes Log in LG Flash Tool 2014

  1. Developing 25/06/2014: Initial Version
  2. Developing 27/06/2014: Fix all error, working with Windows XP
  3. Developing 03/07/2014: Windows 8 / 8.1 64 All Issues Solved

How to Download LG Flash Tool?

  1. Download LG Flash Tool
  2. Choose the option of download or start downloading
  3. Now downloading will start

Download LG Flash Software All Versions:

  1. Download LG Flash Tool 2014 v1.8
  2. Download LG Flash Tool 2015 v2.0.1.5
  3. Download LG Flash Tool  2017 v2.0.1.6 Latest
  4. Download LG Flash Tool  2018 v3.0

LG Flash Tool Complete Installation Guide:

  1. Download LG Flash Tool
  2. Extract Zip File
  3. Connect Computer and Device by Using USB Cable
  4. Install LG USB Drivers
  5. Run LG Flash Tool Software
  6. Fill all information about your device
  7. Then Starts Flashing Process
  8. Wait a few seconds
  9. Congratulation! You have Successfully Installed LG Flash Tool on Your LG Device.

How Does LG Flash Tool Work?

It retrieves twenty-two kinds of data. It works double the average files as compared to the other software. It restores call history and text messages. It enables the users to recover the Safari browser bookmarks, ringtones, voicemails, chat history, music, iPhone photos and others. It is efficient iPhone data recovery software that recovers content from 3rd party apps. The files that are lost due to deletion can be recovered by using this tool. It recovers all those files that are lost due to device’s factory restored, jailbroken, unsuccessfully upgrade, lost and damage.

LG Flash Tool Offers Solid Backup to Device

It allows your device to perform efficiently with backup files. By creating solid support and supplementary files copies it supports your computer. In case of data loss, these supplementary copies are used to restore an original data.  These are known as the best tool that designed to enhance the productivity of your system.

Due to private and wireless technology, it is useful for the device. It makes safe, local backups through your WiFi network. This is efficient software because user connects it to the Android. It provides solid backup quicker than iCloud. User’s encrypted data runs through the private network. It goes directly to the computer. Users can connect it through USB anytime.

The LG Flash Tool installs custom recoveries on your Android. It means that it adds a set of options to the device. It enables the users to inject scripts of all types, adding theme to the phone system and flash custom rooms. One of the most popular recoveries is Clockwork MOD.  This is a user-friendly program that is very easy to download because it is lightweight. It does not take much space on your device and increases the efficiency of the device.