LG K7 FRP Bypass Complete User Guide Step by Step

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LG K7 FRP Bypass – Factory Reset Protection is the key feature to save the personal data of your mobile devices from thieves. Google has launched the security feature FRP in Android Lollipop 5.1 and all of the above versions. Almost all the devices have implemented this security feature and most of the mobile users are not familiar with this. That’s why on hard reset they face a problem of bypassing FRP. To Unlock FRP Lock or to bypass FRP on LG mobile devices we required a potential method.

Apparently, it seems a hard work and time taking process but its only matter of minutes and few clicks. In this article, we will unveil the process of bypass FRP on LG Devices. Note that this process is particular for LG K7 FRP Bypass but you may try on other LG devices also.

Unlock LG K7 FRP: Complete User Guide Step by Step

FRP Lock or Google Authentication is one of the silent features that protects the device and personal data in it from intruders. But, now you can bypass FRP for your smartphone LG K7 without any hassles.

Here is the complete guide for you to follow in order to bypass FRP or Google Authentication at hard reset. Follow the steps one by one.

Step No 1 – In order to bypass the LG K7 FRP, first of all, you have to select the Language. In most of the country, English is an official Language so we go with English.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 1

Step No 2 – Check for the Wi-Fi Connectivity and select your Wi-Fi Network.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 2

Step No 3 – At that point enter your Google Account credentials and get the login.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 3

At that stage if you forget Google Account or Password or if you have bought this mobile in used conditions from someone else then you won’t be able to move ahead.

Step No 4 – Now just step back to the home screen by hitting back and at home screen tap accessibility. At the next screen hit yes and move ahead to the next screen. From there tap the option “Motor & Cognition”.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 4

Step No 5 – Here on that interface select the “Touch Assistant” option and tap on the ICON for about 2 seconds and then tap at the Home Option, tap on it again for 2 seconds.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 5

Step No 6 – Now it’s the time to access the Internet Browser named as Google Chrome. Hit to “No Thanks” in the search bar and typesetting to get the setting Gear. Now tap on the Settings Gear to get access to your device settings.

Step No 7 – Now you got access to your device setting. In setting access apps by tapping on Apps.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 6

Step No 8 – Tap on the “:” at the top right corner of your device and select option Show System as shown in the figure. And next, you need to scroll down and select setup wizard.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 7

Step No 9 – Open the setup wizard and here select the disable option to disable the setup wizard.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 8

Step No 10 – Once you did it. Tap on the power button in order to restart your smart device.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 9

When the phone gets restarted you need to keep on hitting next until you got the legal document interface.

LG K7 FRP Bypass Image 10

Check the Agreement box and select continue. Congratulation you have done. LG K7 FRP Unlocked successfully. You can enjoy your mobile device and can attend the calls and reply the messages you got.

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Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned method is 100% working and tested by the authorities of ApplicationYak.com. It’s safe and secure for LG K7 FRP Bypass. Enjoy Free Bypass FRP Tricks and Tips with ApplicationYak. Stay tuned with us for more Tips & Tricks.