How to Root Android Phone without PC or Laptops

How to Root Android Phone without PC – Android is based on the open-source Linux kernel and is itself an open source system. Many terms such as “root” therefore come from the Linux / UNIX area. Basically, “root” refers to a user who has full access and writes permissions to the system. In this article you will learn, how to root android phone without pc.

A root account or root access is therefore often compared to the administrative rights under Windows. In fact, without a PC, the root becomes faster and more convenient. So, here we recommend the four best Android root tools for your device rooting for a moment and without a PC.

Root or superuser is the administrator of an Android smartphone with full rights. The rights of the user account are comparable to those of an admin under Windows. As superuser, you gain privileges that you do not have as a normal user.

Requirements Before Rooting Android Phone without PC

  • Create backup to save data in case of failure.
  • The battery should stay more than 50%.
  • Internet connection is required (Wi-Fi is recommended)
  • The option Install apps from unknown sources should be activated: on the device, go to “Settings”> “Security”> “Unknown sources”.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Android

Advantages of Root                                                           

Disadvantages of Root


Pre-installed apps/system apps can be uninstalled  

Warranty expires (usually)


App permissions can be changed/restricted  

Smartphone can be broken down at the software level


Current Android operating systems can be installed  

Malware with root access can cause more damage


Installation of a recovery possible (full backup)  

Some services such as banking apps or Netflix may not work


Different Methods for Rooting Android Phone:-

KingoRoot – Root Android Phone without PC:

The Kingo Root tool allows you to root your Android device with one click. With the “Kingo Root” freeware, you can roam different Android devices with just one click for full access to your device.

Step 1: Download Kingo Root.APK on your Android. If you receive a security warning, just click “OK” to allow the download or installation. Download KingoRoot.apk to your PC. Then send it to your Android and start the installation.

Step 2: After installation, open KingoRoot. Both the device model and the Android version are already recognized by the program. Just click on “One Click Root” to start the Smartphone Rooten.

Step 3: Please wait a few minutes for the process to complete. The progress is displayed directly on the main app screen. When rooting succeeds, you will find “Root Succeed” on the page. If not, please try again because the app has some root mechanisms available. If one fails, the other is achieved.

KingRoot – Root Android Phone without PC:

With the free APK KingRoot you unlock your Android devices and get full root access. The free KingRoot APK gives you root privileges on your Android devices, lets you say goodbye to annoying bloatware, and benefits from advanced system settings that you cannot access from non-rooted Android devices. The free APK KingRoot allows you to root your Android device in just a few steps.

Step 1: Download and then install KingRoot.apk on the device. Launch it and you can find the duration and the estimated chance of success of the rooting directly on the app interface.

Step 2: Click “Start Root” to start the process. If the term “Root Successfully” appears, it means that the Android phone successfully reaches Rooten. And now you can remove the unneeded apps, clean the OS, etc.

iRoot – Root Android Phone without PC:

The iRoot apk is the best application for root android without pc. iRoot apk offers many updates and it is very flexible. iRoot available in English and Chinese language.

Step 1: Download and install the iRoot.apk on your Android.

Step 2: Click the iRoot icon on your phone. If your Android is not rooted yet, the message “No Root Permission” appears. Press “Get Root Access”. iRoot will start running your Android rook right away. Please wait patiently until the end.

FramaRoot – Root Android Phone without PC:

With FramaRoot you can root your Samsung Android phone in just one click. The free app FramaRoot is a simple app to roast Samsung Galaxy phones. With one click you get super user rights on your Samsung phone. Among other things, the Galaxy S2, S3 and Note models are currently supported.

FramaRoot uses an active vulnerability in Android for rooting the devices, which has not yet been patched on some devices. Some virus scanners classify the app as malware because the technology can basically be used to install unwanted software.

Step 1: Firstly download and install FramaRoot. Apk on your phone.

Step 2: Now open the FramaRoot from the application drawer

Step 3: Then tap on the Boromir and wait until the installed successfully.

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