How to Root Note 5 Samsung Galaxy Note5

How to Root Note 5 Samsung Galaxy

Need to know before root Note 5.
Here I am making two parts for two different methods to root your Note5. Before proceeding you have to a device which way you want to root as mixing both methods may mess up your system and ultimately you may need to reflash stock ROM.
Before starting step just to explain what is the difference between both the methods of root.

How to Root Note 5 Samsung Galaxy Note5

Method 1: Root Note 5 Systemless root.
Systemless root is recently provided by @Chainfire for our device.
A major advantage is you can simply flash same zip (superSU 2.60 and up) to any Note5 variant without any dependencies on a kernel for your device.
As Systemless root is still beta and may be we will get stable version very soon but most of the root stuff working fine as it should with beta version too. Edit: It seems Systemless root is almost stable now.
Systemless root can be achieved by two methods
1A. – Flashing SuperSU from custom recovery.This is two step procedure. First flash custom recovery and second Flash SuperSu zip Advantage of this method over 1B (below) are you will have a custom recovery and helping to make android backup OR flashing other recoveries.
1B – Flashing with Odin – Flashing root package with Odin. Single step root.

Root Note 5 Easiest method.

Method 2: Using pre rooted kernel. With pre rooted kernel you can root your device in single step even without having a custom recovery Root Note 5. This is true in the case of your kernel is having the pre rooted script and available in tar version. I will provide an example below in guide which kernel have this.
There is no any issue using this method but you must have to find the correct kernel for your device.

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