Samsung J2 Bypass APK Download – The Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, we will tell you how to do Samsung J2 bypass APK download in detail. It is a simple process as you just have to follow the steps properly. So you are going to have the most wanted and desired solution in this article. The problems occur when you try hard reset your Samsung phone which has the Android version 5.0 and above especially the Android Lollipop Firmware.

What are the Requirements to solve this Problem?

This problem cannot be solved if you are trying to flash or hard reset your Samsung J2. Ok so we are going to start the solution and below we are going to discuss the requirements to solve this problem.

You must have a special Android APK file that you can download from many websites. Just make sure that the site is authentic and the link is properly working. The next thing that you need for this purpose is the OTG cable. If you don’t know about this cable then you can see its picture on the internet. The next most important thing that is necessary to carry out the procedure is have some patience.

The Instructions for Samsung J2 Bypass APK Download

Make sure that the instructions that we are going to tell you below should be followed properly.

  • You first have to copy the special file known as Android APK to your USB.
  • After that just power on your phone and connect your USB with your Samsung J2 with the help of the OTG cable.
  • Once the OTG cable will be connected with the phone then the File Manager will appear on your phone in the form of a popup menu.
  • Now you have to navigate your USB to find out the special APK and install it on your phone once done.
  • Once the installation process will be completed then the next thing is that you will be automatically promoted to the settings of your mobile.
  • With the help of Setting menu, you will be able to reset your phone.
  • After resetting your phone will be same like a new phone and you are all done.

The Appearance of FRP Lock and the Solution

Sometimes you have just reset your device and you are stuck on the screen asking for your Google account. So in the startup menu, it will ask you to enter your Gmail ID and password that was submitted to the phone previously. Sometimes you just lost your ID and password. Then the only question is to solve this problem. It is recommended to remove your SD card and SIM card when you are going to solve this problem. Make sure the battery should be more than 70%.