How to Soft Reset Galaxy S6 Latest 2018 Method

How to Soft Reset Galaxy S6

To soft reset galaxy S6, you will need to press Power and the Volume Down button together at the same time until the device shuts down.

The soft reset is the first step to resolve any phone issue. It can solve many problems at slow speeds, files not running properly, incorrect settings, etc. so, you should always try to lose all the data soft.

Why Do You Need a Soft Reset?

A soft reset is a rest of the device which may be your smartphone or a tablet. When you perform this action, it will close all the applications on your device and erase them from the RAM. It will clear all the data which is in the RAM.

The soft reset will not cause any damage to the files on your phone. It will simply clear the random memory which the programs use.

Samsung Galaxy s6 Soft Reset Issue

Samsung is one of the best brands of smartphones in the market. However, no matter how good the phone is, there may be some issues. These issues involve the device slowing down or getting hot. There are many reasons that the device slows down and does not function properly.

No matter what the case is, to make sure that it works fast again, you need to reboot it in a way that there is no data in RAM. There are many temporary files in the cache which take a lot of space.

You need to clear that space. If you have a Samsung Galaxy s6, then you should know how to reset Galaxy S6 soft. With this process, you can get it to work again smoothly.

The Difference in Powering Off and Soft Reset

When you power off the phone, it will delete the programs from the RAM. But in many cases of Samsung Galaxy S6, it does not happen. When you power off the phone, you will notice that the apps which you run are still on the panel.

When you tap the currently running apps option, it will still display the apps which were open when you switch off the phone.
There is a benefit to it, but also a disadvantage.

The benefit is that you will not have to open or load the app from scratch. Once the app is open, you only have to tap it, and it will quickly display the information. It will not load or take time to load. When you open the app for the first time, it will take time. But when you already run the app and do not unload it from memory, i.e., RAM, it will quickly open.

There are dozens of apps which run in the background. If you do not close them properly, they will reside in the RAM and will take up space and make the phone slow. It is why you should always soft reset your phone regularly. Here is an easy process to soft reset your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.