Complete Guide to Unlock FRP Lock Protection of Android Smartphones

Unlock FRP Lock Protection – Before proceeding to the complete guide let us clear the concept and application of FRP Lock Protection. In this exclusive guide, we will cover all of the following related questions of yours.

  • What is FRP Lock Protection?
  • What are the applications of FRP Lock Protection?
  • Why and when do we need to unlock FRP lock protection for Android Smartphones?
  • How to bypass FRP Lock Protection? Complete Guide

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What is FRP Lock Protection?

Google and Android are struggling for the privacy of their customers that’s why they are more concerned about the security of Android mobiles. In Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google Introduced a new security feature which we called Factory Reset Protection so-called FRP Lock Protection. This feature helps a lot to the users of Android to save their data.

How does FRP Work?

The Working mechanism of FRP is very simple. If the FRP Lock Protection is On, at your Android Smartphone and your Android phone is hard reset from the recovery menu under setting then this Android device required the previous Google Account information that is used to set up the Mobile phone. This means that if your phone got stolen by the thief and he reset it then it required the same account and there is no way for them to get in.

Application of FRP Lock Protection by Google

As it is clear that FRP Lock Protection is a security feature which adds up the values to your privacy. Your data will be safe in case of hard reset by the thieves. They can’t do anything about it. Except for Unlock FRP Lock Protection. There is only one solution to Unlock FRP Lock Protection is bypass FRP or bypass Google Account Verification by using any mean that is beneficial. Stay tuned we are going to share complete and 100% working methods to Unlock FRP Lock Protection for Samsung and Other devices.

Can we disable FRP Lock Protection? If yes! then how?

The good news is that we can disable FRP Lock Protection easily but the bad news is that it won’t remind you at the time of hard Reset the device. Here is the process of disabling the FRP Lock protection.

  • Navigate to the device settings and remove any applied security which you have set up for the lock Home Screen. This is not mandatory step but some Android Phones required it that’s why we are considering it here.
  • Once you have done the 1st step then you need to remove all of your Google accounts that have been logged on the Android device either it is phone or Tablet. In order to delete Navigate to the setting and look for Accounts. Within Account look for delete or remove Account option and select it.
  • Erase all of the Google Accounts one by one and when you have done all erasing of Google Accounts than you can reset your mobile phone or tablet through factory Reset Setting of your device.

Complete Guide and Methods to Unlock FRP Lock

There are thousands of ways to Unlock FRP Lock Protection for devices like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, and LG. All of these vendors are really serious about the security and privacy of their Potential users. You can Unlock Samsung FRP Lock Protection either by using specific tools and Applications like bypass Samsung FRP Octopus. Yes if you are Samsung user and you are facing FRP problem on your smart device then Octopus is one of the best and optimize the solution for you. Follow the link to get the complete guide on Octopus.

This is on the Samsung devices but if someone has other Android devices that belong to the different vendor. There is also possible solution available which you can use to Unlock FRP Lock Protection. The following two are the main methods which are mostly adopted by the mobile technicians to unlock the FRP Lock protection for all kind of Android devices.

Unlock FRP Protection with OTG Cable

Here is the complete Guide which you can use to Unlock FRP Lock Protection of Samsung and other Android Devices. You must meet the basic requirement before moving ahead. Here is the list of things required to perform the operation of removing FRP Protection with OTG Cable.

  1. An OTG Cable – Cable is required to connect removable media like USB with the mobile device.
  2. A PC or Laptop – A PC is required to complete the process of unlocking FRP or Removing Google Account Verification.

After completing the mandatory things go for the following step to remove FRP Lock Successfully.

Guide to Remove FRP Lock Protection with OTG

Step 1 – Firstly you need FRP Bypass APK for Android device. You can install this APK on any android device. Get the Downloadable link at the bottom of this article.

Step 2 – After Downloading Copy this APK file to any removable media such as USB.

Step 3 – Use the OTG cable in order to connect USB to PC.

Step 4 – Once it is successfully connected to your PC a message of File Manager Application popup to your Home Screen. You need to install the downloaded APK.

Step 5 – Scroll down there are looking for “Backup and reset”.

Step 6 – Here you need to tap on Factory Data Reset, tap on that option and Reset your Android Device. This will erase all of the following data of your Android Device.

  • Google Account
  • Complete Application Data
  • Any kind of Device Custom Setting
  • Downloaded Applications
  • Pictures, Movies, and everything belong to the user.

Step 7 – Your device is now Unlock FRP Protection by Using FRP Bypass APK. It will take some time more than normal startup because it is now booting up the fresh OS of your Android device.

This is the complete guide to Unlock Android FRP Protection. You can also apply this method for Samsung devices like Samsung S5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge, S8, and S8 Edge plus all other models having latest Android OS and upgraded version of OS.

Remove FRP Lock Protection without OTG Cable

The method of removing FRP Lock Protection without OTG Cable is similar to the previous one but this required PC rather than an OTG Cable for Unlocking FRP Lock Protection.

Step 1 – Firstly, download and install SideSync APK.

Step 2 – Click the Icon of SideSync Application in order to launch it on your Computer and then you need to connect the mobile device with the help of Data cable or USB Cable.

Step 3 – Then you will get the popup message similar to the message shown in the image.

Step 4 – Tap on the Google Chrome in order to download the FRP bypass APK Now or you can download it from the link given below.

Unlock FRP Lock Protection Free

Step 5 – Once you download the APK file of the FRP Bypass Application you need to open Samsung Applications. Here you will get the message of installation but before doing this you need to install ES File Explorer APK.

Unlock FRP Lock Protection 100% Working ApplicationYak

Step 6 – Tap on the Icon of ES File Explorer in order to open it.

Step 7 – Navigate to the Download Folder and launch the bypass app APK in order to install it.

Step 8 – Now you have to open the setting menu and tap “Backup and Reset”.

Step 9 – Tap on the Factory Data Reset and hard reset the device.

Step 10 – Now finally you have done Unlock FRP Lock Protection for Android Devices.

Download New FRP Bypass APK for Android Devices

If you are landed on this page then you must face the FRP Lock on your Android Device. And at this section, you must be looking for the FRP Bypass APK for Android Devices. Here we have the complete and working setup of FRP Bypass APK Latest version 2018 which you can download with a single click on the link given.

Download FRP Bypass APK for Android devices 2018 APK.”

Final Words About Unlock FRP Lock Protection

Indeed FRP Lock protection is a major step in the world of Android security and privacy but many of us have been facing this issue due to lack of knowledge about this. But mates your searches end here. Now Unlocking FRP Lock Protection is super easy and just like a piece of cake. You can Unlock FRP Lock Protection with just a few steps given in this article. If this article is working for you give your feedback in the form of comments.