Where are Contacts Stored on Android? Find Contacts Folder Easily Latest Method

Android Phones have some of the easiest interfaces, thanks to the OS. Whoever, if you are to find something in the database such as contacts or other apps, it may be difficult to find those. The android phones have complex paths.

Find Contacts Folder Easily Latest Method 2018

Each file and app that you have uses a separate folder in the android folder. When you connect your phone to the PC, you will notice that there is the Android folder. You will find all the android’s basic items inside this folder.

You will find SMS, contacts, calendar, etc. all in this folder. Still, finding the exact location for contacts can be a problem. Everything on the android is in the form of database.

Backup SMS or Contacts from Android

Many people try and find the apps from inside the android to backup the apps or other software. If you want to backup your SMS or contacts, you can do that using software such as the PC suite for your phone or you can get the access to the database of the contacts from the Android.

When you connect your android device to the PC, it will show all the files and folders available. You will have to browse each folder to find the contacts.

Where are The Contacts?

You will notice that each App that you have on your phone has a separate folder. Similarly, the contacts information is also separate. So, if you are wondering, where are contacts stored on android?

Here is the answer to it.

The location of the contacts on android depends on the manufacturer. On a simple android, you will find the contacts in the following location.


If you have a Motorola phone, you will find the database of contacts in the following location.


You will notice the file has a dot DB extension. It means that it is a database or SQLite3 file. If you want to search these files, you can use software to search for them. You can use SQLiteman, or you can use DB Browser for SQLite to search these contacts directly from your PC.

You can copy and paste the file to your PC and then later on you can add it to another Android device on the same location. It is how you back up the contacts directly using their storage location.

A Quick Way to Search The Contacts Database

If you are smart, then you can quickly find the contacts. When you connect the phone, it will display all the folders. You cause the windows to search or find future to enter the .db extension, and it will show all the database files.

You can also type in contacts, and you may also find the location of the database of contacts. It is the best way in which you can get the path of your contacts.

You will notice that the contacts will be in


It is the location of the contacts in the android. Now you can easily backup all of your phone contacts from here.